Female Model With Breast Implants

Every woman is different and the choice to have breast augmentation surgery is unique to the individual. At MP Plastic Surgery, we work closely with our patients before surgery – not only to fill them in on the specifics of the process, but to also ensure that they make the right choice for their individual circumstances.

Once you’ve made the decision to get breast implants and have consulted with us to learn about your options, there are 5 specific factors to consider when choosing the right breast implant for you. Implants come in all shapes and sizes designed to enhance your unique beauty and needs, which can vary greatly. The 5 factors are as follows:

1.    Size

Most patients want bigger breasts, but that should not be the main purpose of getting implants. You want a size that matches your unique figure, and a curvy 5-foot-3-inch woman will have different needs than a willowy 5-foot-9-inch woman. We have a number of techniques to help select the perfect size ensuring that your end result is appropriate for your body type.

2.    Shape

The contours of your chest will help determine the shape of your breast implants. As with all other factors, this needs to be considered carefully. Recently, teardrop implants have been made available in the United States, serving as an alternative to the round implants that remain a staple of the procedure. “Gummi bear” implants are another option, retaining their shape regardless of other factors.

3.    Profile

Implants can be broad or narrow, with more “fill” at the base or a narrower profile that helps them stick out more. The benefits depend on the individual patient, who likely wants whatever options best resemble her natural breast shape. We strive for a natural look with all of our breast implant patients, which requires careful examination of your profile and the desired look you want to achieve.

4.    Fill

Breast implants usually consist of an outer “shell” of silicone and an inner solution made of saline or silicone gel. Saline is the traditional fill material, but silicone has been used with increasing frequency. Each has their benefits and drawbacks, and we will work with you to find the best choice for your body.

5.    Texture

Implants with a textured surface tend to move less than those with a smooth surface. You may want more or less motion in your new breasts, a decision influenced not only by aesthetics, but also by the reasons for seeking breast implants in the first place. It is important to be satisfied with how your new implants feel to you.

At MP Plastic Surgery, we serve women throughout the area, and our focus is entirely upon providing them with the right operation to meet their particular needs. When you call us for a consultation, you get more than just a FAQ and pep talk. You get sound knowledge and concern for your needs, as well as ensuring the best results. Breast implants are not a one-size-fits-all operation, and we want to make sure your final decision is right for you.

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