Middle-Aged Female Model with Breast Reduction

The shape and size of your breasts may determine which surgical approach your doctor uses in a breast reduction. Additionally, the amount of reduction that your surgeon recommends will influence the decision.

The American Society of Plastic Surgery recognizes three standard incision options for a breast reduction. These include…

A circular incision around the areola. This pattern has the benefit of concealment underneath a bikini or bra. However, it is only an option for women with specific breast shapes and sizes.

A “lollipop” shaped incision. This pattern moves circularly around the areola and vertically down towards the breast crease.

An “anchor-shaped” incision. The pattern of the incision moves along the breast crease and above the areola.

Which Approach Does Dr. Max Prefer for Breast Reduction?

Typically, Dr. Max employs the lollipop approach with his patients for three main reasons:

Size. The lollipop technique is about 50% of the size of the anchor-shaped incision, which results in a smaller, less noticeable scar. It’s also appropriate for use except for those patients with the largest of breasts.

Aesthetics. The shape of the lollipop incision is a more closed-off, rounded shape, which fits well with the natural curve of the breast. The result is typically a rounder, perkier, and more natural-looking result.

Scar coverage. The anchor incision has certain drawbacks. The shape of the scar matches the shape of the incision, which means that it covers more of the surface of the breast. Even with fading over time, this can create a box-shaped effect along the bare breast. That said, the anchor incision is an appropriate measure for women with larger breasts because it is an effective way to reduce size while retaining shape.

Mitigating Factors in a Breast Reduction

Regardless of the incision, the steps that Dr. Max takes during your surgery can lessen the visibility of scars and provide more attractive results.

  • Max pays a high level of focus during every procedure, whether it is breast reduction, facelift, or eyelid surgery. In your procedure, he will reshape the breasts into the most attractive shape and position possible, improving symmetry and balance.
  • Liposuction in and around the breast can also create a more attractive contour and graceful flow of one part of your torso to the next.

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