Female Model with Breast Augmentation SurgeryAfter a breast augmentation many women are worried that their implants are sitting too high on their chest. This is a completely normal part of the post-surgical process. After the surgery, it usually takes about 90 days for the implants to “settle” into place. You may hear this process referred to as “dropping” or “fluffing.” But even though it is normal for breast implants to drop after breast augmentation, patients often ask us what causes this and how they can tell if theirs are normal.

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Dropping After Breast Augmentation

Patients that undergo a breast augmentation are usually very anxious to see their final results. But in the first week or so after the procedure many of our patients are surprised at how “high” the implants sit on their chest. As we said before, this is completely normal. It takes about 3 months for the implants to settle into place and drop. Here are a few things that can influence that process.

  • Type of implant – Saline implants tend to feel harder that silicone. This means that silicone implants will feel softer and more normal sooner than saline. Also, anatomically-shaped gummy bear implants will settle faster because of how tight they fit in the breast pocket.
  • Implant placement – Breast implants can be placed on top of the chest muscle or underneath it. This will have a huge impact on how quickly your implants drop after your breast augmentation. Women that get subglandular placement (over the muscle) will have to wait longer for their implants to drop. Placing the implant under the muscle means that the muscle needs time to stretch.

We should also mention that in some cases one breast implant will drop faster than the other. This is perfectly normal and in time the other breast will “catch up.”

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