Female Model with Breast Augmentation The average lifespan for implants is ten years, but some patients have had their implants for twenty or twenty-five years. Others need to replace their implants soon after surgery due to various complications. Ultimately, how long your breast implants last depends on the skill of the surgeon as much as the activity of the patient and quality of the implant.

Factors that Can Cause Problems With Your Breast Implants

The longevity of your implants mainly depends on how your body reacts to certain sizes and shapes of implants. To avoid these issues, your plastic surgeon will help you select implants that work best for your body.

Even carefully chosen implants can cause complications. The following factors can lead to problems with your breast implants:

  • Selecting a size that is too large: If you have a small frame, breast implants that are too large can shift out of place.
  • Incorrect placement of the breast implants: Your plastic surgeon can place your implants either above or below the muscle. If the implants are not well-placed, then rippling can develop.
  • Trauma or Accident: The most frequent cause of rupture occurs when patients suffer from bodily injury related to trauma or an accident. The symptoms of a ruptured implant include: pain, burning, swelling, numbness, and tingling. You should immediately consult a doctor if you experience any of those symptoms.

The key to long-lasting implants is a thorough understanding of the patient’s anatomy and what is physically possible. When coupled with excellent surgical techniques, the risk for complications is drastically reduced.

Dr. Max emphasizes spending time with patients to understand their anatomy and personal preferences. As a plastic surgeon who values honesty, Dr. Max will provide you with a range of possible options and their associated risks. Unlike other surgeons who give the patient what they want without regarding the safety of their patients, Dr. Max’s primary concern is your health before, during, and after the operation.

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