Female Model with Breast ImplantsEvery woman has a different idea of what their perfect breasts should look like and breast augmentation allows you to select the ideal size and shape for your body type. At MP Plastic’s practice, we help patients choose breast implants that flatter their shape and enhance their curves.

Among one of the top questions we receive from our patients is whether teardrop or round implants are a better option for their breast augmentation. For a better understanding of how these styles of implant influence the shape of your breasts, Dr. Max considers your initial breast size and how you can achieve the size and shape best for you.

Tear Drop Implants: The Best Option for Smaller Breasts

A breast augmentation increases the size of your breast by placing implants under the natural breast tissue. Women with smaller breasts start out with very little breast tissue, and usually benefit from tear drop implants when they:

  • Want implants that mimic the shape of their natural breasts.
  • Do not need any lift from the breast implants.

While tear drop implants offer women, who have little breast tissue the right size and shape, patients with larger breasts may prefer the results from a breast augmentation that use tear drop or anatomical breast implants.

Round Implants: The Best Option for Firm and Lifted Breasts

Breast augmentation initially only used round implants to increase breast size and lift slightly drooping breasts. They remain the implant of choice for many women who want:

  • Perkier breasts that are positioned higher on the chest.
  • Additional volume to fill specific areas of the breasts, for a rounded shape.
  • An increase in their natural breast size from a B or C by a few cup sizes.

When a patient with an average amount of breast tissue undergoes a breast augmentation, the shape of the implants accentuates their natural breast often adding soft curves that flatter their figure. The effect can be too dramatic for breast augmentation patients who have less than the average amount of breast tissue as the shape of the implants are more visible.

Round and Tear Drop Shaped Breast Implants are Only as Good as Your Plastic Surgeon

Without the skills of an experienced plastic surgeon, the style of the implants have little to no effect on the final result. Many surgeons claim that one style of implant is better than the other in every case, but a more experienced surgeon will only make a recommendation after an in-office consultation.

At MP Plastic, Dr. Max approaches each consultation with your final results in mind. This means that every option is taken into consideration and explained to you after performing a thorough exam with a discussion about your goals for surgery. The decision between tear drop and round implants is just one of the factors to consider before your breast augmentation.

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