Female Model With Breast ImplantsMost patients who come in for a breast augmentation want to reach a C cup. While it is important to have a general breast size in mind, choosing the right size breast implants involves more than cup size. In fact, cup size varies so widely that it is not even an accurate measurement for the size of your breasts.

To find the right size implant, your plastic surgeon will need to evaluate the height and width of your chest. This measurement, when combined with the size of your frame will give you a range of sizes proportional to your body. Other factors that you should consider before your consultation are:

  • Projection: how far your breasts extend forward. Low profile implants will give you the least projection while high profile will give you the most. Moderate and moderate plus are somewhere in between.
  • Shape: will determine the shape of your breasts after surgery. Round implants tend to give patients more cleavage and lift the breasts more than anatomical, or teardrop implants, which are shaped like a natural breast, more volume on the bottom than the top.
  • Texture: Smooth or textured describes the exterior of the breast implants. A smooth implant is most common and results in a softer breast. Textured implants were designed to stay in place to avoid implant malposition.
  • Material: The two types of material for breast implants are silicone and saline. Silicone is an excellent choice for patients who want breasts that look and feel more natural. Saline is better for patients who want rounder breasts.

Because this amount of information can be overwhelming to many patients, Dr. Max Pekarev will discuss all of the risks and benefits of each type of implant. During your initial consultation, Dr. Max will perform a thorough examination and determine a range of implant sizes based on your chest measurements and frame.

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