Female Model with Breast Augmentation Breast augmentation surgery is designed to help you look and feel your best, and if the procedure is right for your particular needs, it can be a great boon. Dr. Max has the skills and experience to perform breast augmentation surgery here, but more importantly, he can discuss your options with you and answer any questions you may have.

Among the most common questions we answer is how breast augmentation affects sensitivity in the breasts, particularly in the nipples. Breasts are a part of your body, after all, and loss of tactile sensation may not be what you have in mind. Every woman is different, and no single individual reacts quite the same way to a surgery of this nature. A few general notions can help answer this very important question, however: “will I loose sensitivity in my nipples after a breast augmentation?”

Typical Procedures

In the weeks after a typical breast augmentation procedure, lack of sensitivity often isn’t the problem. It’s the opposite: your nipples may become excessively sensitive as your body adjusts to your new chest. That feeling should fade within a few weeks or months, leaving your nipples as sensitive as they were before the procedure.

In some cases, however, the procedure leaves a numbness in the nipples, which may not fade as you recover from the surgery. This is a more serious concern, and if your nipples feel numb, you should talk to the doctor immediately. In many cases, they indicate nerve damage, which could be permanent.

Proper Preparation

That, in part, is why you should talk with Dr. Max about breast augmentation surgery. In order to prevent that possibility, we work with you to plan for the surgery as carefully as possible. Again, each patient is unique, and every surgical procedure needs to reflect that uniqueness. We do, however, adopt a few easy guidelines to address the issue:

  • Place the implants beneath the muscles in your chest. When the implants are close to the skin – near the mammary glands, for instance – they run a greater risk of damaging the nerves and making your nipples numb.
  • Moderate the size of the augmentation. Bigger breasts may be desirable, but they don’t always match your body type, and more modest breast augmentations run less of a risk of interfering with the nerve endings.
  • Discuss the incision. In one type of surgical procedure, the surgeon creates a subareolar scar along the edge of the nipple. The benefit is that it reduces the prominence of the scar and lets your breasts look more natural. But such an incision can damage the nerve endings in some cases, and if you’re concerned about losing sensitivity in your nipples, you might want to explore other options.

Regardless of your decision, Dr. Max is here to ensure that you have the information you need and the guidance of an experienced doctor to help you along. We want to ensure that a surgery of this caliber leaves you happier, healthier and more confident than ever.

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