Female Model with Breast ImplantsBreast implants are a common procedure and Dr. Max provides them to women with a wide variety of needs. The important thing about such procedures is education, and ensuring that you have all the facts in hand in order to make the most informed decision possible about such implants. Here’s 10 key facts to keep in mind about the procedure.

1.    One Size Does Not Fit All

Every woman is different, and while you want to look your best, that needs to conform to the natural shape and beauty of your unique form. Dr. Max works with you to find the best options to fit your body, instead of applying a single barometer for the procedure.

2.    Any Doctor Can Perform Breast Augmentation

Different doctors specialize in different things and while breast augmentation is a comparatively simple elective procedure, it requires specialized skills, training and experience to perform properly

3.    Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Since every woman is unique, breast size and shape must be unique as well. Larger breasts are very popular, but they must fit the unique nature of your frame, and need to look healthy and natural in order to achieve the desired effect.

4.    Implants Don’t Last Forever

Breast implants are designed to last a long time, and you may not need to replace them. If you do, then breast implant exchange operations are available to replace the old implants with new ones.

5.    Silicone isn’t Dangerous

The media has distorted stories about ruptured implants and some patients want saline implants instead of silicone to avoid the dangers of a rupture. While ruptures do happen, they are extremely rare and can be corrected with proper surgery.

6.    Post-Surgical Bruising is Uncommon

Every surgery requires a recovery period and you should always follow your doctor’s orders as far as health, rest and nutrition in concerned. It’s not common to see bruising or similar blemishes after breast augmentation.

7.    Implants Can Be Placed Over Muscle

The placement of implants depends on the needs of the individual patient: hinging on details such as tissue thickness, intended effect and the impact on important future procedures such as mammograms.

8.    Implant Size Is Not the Only Factor in Final Breast Size

Again, one size does not fit all, and the size and shape of your breasts before the procedure will determine the size of the implant you need to gain the proper final effect.

9.    Scarring is Limited

Different implant procedures produce different scarring and Dr. Max will work with you to determine the best placement of post-surgical scars on your breasts. Regardless, scars for breast implant procedures tend to be small and discreet.

10.  The Best Method Depends on Your Needs

Each patient has her own reason for undergoing breast augmentation and there is a wide variety of surgical approaches, implant types and ultimate effects. That’s why Dr. Max approaches each surgery with the specific needs of the patient in mind.

Dr. Max will go into greater detail about the procedure and answer any questions you may have before making a decision. Contact our office today at (817) 529-9199 to get the process started!