Female Model with Rhinoplasty SurgeryYour nose is the centerpiece of your face. It balances your other features and is essential to breathing. Anything that prevents you from feeling comfortable and confident with your nose is a reason for rhinoplasty.

At our practice, we help patients make decisions about their rhinoplasty that affect their quality of life. Whether cosmetic or for medical reasons, we are here to help you look and feel your best.

Medical Conditions are the Top Reason for Rhinoplasty

Millions of Americans needlessly suffer from a condition called deviated septum. A deviated septum is the medical term for nasal cartilage being more prominent on one side than the other. While this condition is not usually very noticeable it may:

  • Make it difficult to breathe, especially when participating in sports.
  • Lead to several sinus infections and difficulty sleeping.
  • Cause your nose to appear off-center or crooked.

If other forms of treatment, such as medication, do not alleviate this problem then plastic surgery offers an answer: septoplasty. A septoplasty is a type of rhinoplasty that specifically addresses a deviated septum and provides relief to patients by improving their breathing immediately after they heal from surgery.

Second Reason: Repairing a Broken Nose

If you love sports or physical activity, it’s very likely you nose has experienced some form of trauma. A misplaced elbow or bad fall can lead to your nose taking the full impact, shifting the nasal bones out of place and changing the shape of your nose. Performing a rhinoplasty within two weeks of your injury can prevent your nose from healing into a different position and save you a lot of time down the road.

Third Reason: Cosmetic Improvement

We all have small things that we’d like to change about our bodies. For some of us it’s losing an extra five pounds or toning up, but for some people, it is something they can’t change by adopting healthier habits. Your nose is a permanent fixture of your face. It influences your overall attractiveness and can ruin your self-confidence if you don’t like its appearance.

A rhinoplasty performed for cosmetic reasons is no less important than one carried out to correct a deviated septum. The point is to help you feel and look better. At our practice, we feel that it is our job to help you make the correct decision and make you comfortable with the process and the results.

Matching Your Nose to Your Face

It sounds silly, but many patients want a nose that will not look appropriate for their face. Rather than focusing on completely restructuring your nose, Dr. Max will discuss the aspects you don’t like and help you find a way to correct them. The result is a nose that appears natural and proportionate to your facial features, not a particular type of nose that is popular at the moment.

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