Female Model with Breast ImplantsFor most women, their goal for breast augmentation is to get more cleavage without looking unnatural or fake. Of course, some women have other goals with the procedure but this is the general goal of most women thinking about getting breast implants. Surgeons then have to think about the best way to make that happen. While there are several important factors that go into how natural breast implants look, one of the main ones is the placement of the implants. There are two options: over the chest muscle or under it. Each of these has pros and cons that we will look at here and we’ll also discuss what makes a patient a good candidate for each placement.

The Details About Placing Breast Implants

Surgeons tend to have a placement method that they prefer. However, Dr. Max will work with every patient and discuss every detail to make sure they understand which placement option will give them the most natural results.

  • Submuscular (under the muscle) – In this option, Dr. Max places the implant underneath the chest muscle. For women that do not have a lot of breast tissue this is often the best option. The muscle gives more coverage to the implant, which avoids “rippling” on the sides of the implant. However, the recovery time is longer in this method and in some cases the implant can shift when the chest muscle is flexed.
  • Subglandular (over the muscle) – For subglandular, the implant is placed on top of the muscle and below the glandular tissue of the breast. For women that have sufficient breast tissue (usually around a C cup) this is a great option. The recovery period is shorter and it avoids the problem of the chest muscle contractions moving the breast implants.

Women will be able to decide for themselves and with the help of Dr. Max which option will help them achieve their goals. There really is not a “best” placement option because every woman is different and wants different things from their breast implants. The most important thing is to work with a surgeon that will talk with you openly and honestly about which option is best for you.

How to Get Started with Dr. Max

If you’re unsatisfied with the size of your breasts and want to start exploring breast augmentation, the perfect place to start is with a phone call to Dr. Max at (817) 529-9199. Our friendly and experienced staff is always happy to hear from you. We would love to answer your questions and talk with you about breast implants. Patients that want to move forward will then schedule a consultation with Dr. Max. This process is very exciting because you’ll get to start talking about what you want your new breasts to look like. Dr. Max can answer all of your questions and you’ll likely spend a lot of time talking about your concerns. You can even try on some of our implant sizing bras to get a better idea of which size you want and how they will look and feel on your body.

If you’re ready or even if you’re just testing the water, get in touch with us today.