Breast Implants Fort WorthDr. Max has always worked with his patients honestly and transparently to make sure they have all the information they need to make a confident decision. As part of that, Dr. Max takes the time to talk through the entire procedure with the patient to make sure they understand every step in the process. This sort of detailed approach allows our patients to become knowledgeable on the ins and outs of this procedure. One of the steps in the procedure that Dr. Max gets many questions about is how the breast implants are actually inserted during breast augmentation. Patients have several different options when it comes to the incision and the insertion method and both depend on the type of implant that you get.

If you’re considering breast augmentation but still have questions about the procedure or any other aspect of the process, make sure you call Dr. Max today at (817) 529-9199. Dr. Max has built his practice on honesty and we are more than happy to talk with you about any of your questions. Getting calls from new Fort Worth patients is something we look forward to and our friendly staff members are always excited to learn about your unique case. If you want, you can check out our gallery of Before-and-After pictures to get a sense of the kind of world-class quality that Dr. Max is known for.

Placing Breast Implants

When it comes to breast augmentation, Fort Worth plastic surgeons have a few different options. But it really all depends on the type of implant that the patient chooses.

  • Inserting saline implants – The unique part about saline implants is that they come from the manufacturer deflated. They’re not filled up with saline yet. This allows Dr. Max to roll them up and insert them into the breast pocket where he will fill them with the desired amount of saline. One benefit of this is that it allows Dr. Max to use a slightly smaller incision to insert the implant.
  • Inserting silicone implants – With silicone implants, they are shipped from the manufacturer prefilled to the right amount. While many patients like the more natural feel of silicone, they often require a slightly larger incision. However, techniques like the Keller Funnel, allow Dr. Max to still use a very small incision.
  • Inserting cohesive gel – The newest type of silicone implants are called cohesive gel, or “gummy bear” implants. They are “thicker” than traditional silicone so they require the largest incision.

How to Get Started with Dr. Max for Breast Augmentation

Fort Worth women that are finished breastfeeding or who may just want a little more size in their bust should first call our offices at (817) 529-9199. Our experienced staff are always happy to take your call and help you in any way they can. The next step in the process is to schedule a convenient time for you to come in for a preliminary consultation. This meeting with Dr. Max is usually an exciting one for our patients because they can start discussing their goals for their breast augmentation. Fort Worth patients often bring in pictures of what they want their breasts to look like. Dr. Max will also talk with you about your medical history and he may also perform an examination. One step that our patients enjoy is trying on implant sizing bras to get a better idea of which size is right for them.

If you’re ready to move forward or even if you still have some questions, get in touch with us today!