Female Model with Breast Augmentation If you’re interested in breast augmentation surgery, you likely have a lot of questions that require a trained surgeon to answer. Among the most important are those covering any risks that the procedure may carry. Breast augmentation is a safe and clinically proven operation, and we want to make sure you are as well informed as possible. As always, your health must come first and you need to feel comfortable with the procedure before moving forward with it. Rumors exist that this procedure may be linked to breast cancer, and with that comes a host of very legitimate concerns. Breast cancer is a serious condition and nothing to dismiss, but fortunately, there are no concrete links back to a breast augmentation.

Risks are Present in Other Areas

Every woman should perform regular breast examinations and speak to their gynecologist about mammograms and other preventative measures. Breast cancer can arise from genetic factors, family history, advancing age and lifestyle factors such as drinking and lack of exercise.

Diet conditions, tobacco use and the presence of chemicals throughout your work or living space may contribute to the disease as well. Although in many cases, studies of these contributing factors are still ongoing. Getting a breast augmentation procedure done is not a guarantee that factors such as these won’t lead to breast cancer; the connections between them are strictly coincidental. Many of the factors that help prevent cancer, such as good diet, regular exercise and a healthy overall lifestyle, also make breast augmentation surgery easier and facilitate a speedier recovery.

Safety and Health of Patients

There has been no concrete evidence brought to light connecting breast implants to cancer. In some past cases, there have been operations resulting in scarring on the breasts, which has led to such stories in the media. However, if performed by a professional, the operation should keep scarring risks extremely low, while providing lift and a figure that you desire without any lingering scars or blemishes.

There are certain mitigating factors that you should be aware of before you decide to have breast augmentation. For example, silicone breast implants sometimes interfere with the x-ray’s ability to pick up any signs of cancer during a mammogram, which can in turn make it harder to catch the cancer early. However, you can request additional x-rays, called implant displacement views, to give the doctor a much better look at the tissue and analyze any risks.

Breast augmentation can be a wonderful thing for many women, but beyond any benefit the procedure provides, it needs to be safe and healthy for you. Dr. Max puts your safety first and foremost, and conducts all of his procedures with the care and consideration you deserve. We will answer any questions you have and ensure that you go into the procedure knowing all of the facts. We pride ourselves on our results, and we think you’ll not only be happy with them but secure in the knowledge that you’re in the very best of hands.

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