Middle Aged Female Model with Tummy Tuck

Dr. Max Pekarev often recommends liposuction as part of a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty). While a tummy tuck alone can improve a patient’s appearance, combining the procedures gives Dr. Max greater ability to sculpt more natural and attractive results. Learn why.

A Tummy Tuck’s Appearance Relies on Improved Contour

During tummy tuck surgery, Dr. Max tightens abdominal muscles and eliminates excess skin to create a smoother and flatter midsection. The procedure is a common approach to cosmetic improvement after pregnancy or weight loss.

Strengthening muscles and eliminating loose skin are important steps to achieving these goals. However, there are also often deposits of fat in the abdominal area. These deposits can create an uneven contour around and throughout the midsection. Contour irregularities may be even more pronounced after a tummy tuck since skin and muscles are tighter.

Liposuction gives Dr. Max a way to smooth out these spots, remove fat, and create a more attractive contour.

How Liposuction Works during a Tummy Tuck

Typically, Dr. Max uses liposuction to remove fat from the abdominal flap. This is the most direct way to shape the abdominal area during surgery. He may also address other fat deposits that can interfere with a smooth, even result.

In initial consultations, Dr. Max may recommend liposuction in other areas of the patient’s body during the same surgical session as the tummy tuck. One of the most important aspects to creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance is the overall contour of the body. If a patient has a flat abdomen but his or her hips or thighs are significantly larger, the improvement may be limited. Depending on his recommendation and the patient’s approval, Dr. Max can reduce the size of the flank region at the same time as the tummy tuck.

More Options during the Procedure

Dr. Max may be able to reuse the fat deposits he removes with a tummy tuck and liposuction. For example, he may recommend adding fat to buttocks to create a more pronounced “hourglass” figure. Tummy tuck fat can also add definition to facial features.

Dr. Max will determine whether or not a tummy tuck should be combined with other procedures based on a variety of factors. Some patients are excellent candidates for multi-procedure surgeries, while Dr. Max may recommend limiting the surgery to a tummy tuck alone for others.

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