Female Model with Breast ImplantsProbably the primary concern and question that we get from our breast augmentation patients is the breast implant cost. Women that are hoping to get a breast augmentation should go into it knowing exactly how the cost of the procedure is calculated. In this blog post, we’ll look at exactly what factors go into the cost of a breast augmentation. If you’re curious about what your exact cost for a breast augmentation would be, make sure you contact Dr. Max today at (817) 529-9199. You should also take a moment to look through our stunning gallery of Before-and-After pictures to see Dr. Max’s world-class skill for yourself.

Breaking Down Breast Implant Cost

Surgeons can give patients a wide variety of different costs for breast augmentation. But there are several costs that will always be included. Here are a few of them.

  • Hospital and Outpatient fees – Your plastic surgeon will need to perform the surgery in a hospital or an accredited and licensed outpatient surgical facility. Hospitals and outpatient facilities charge a fee for their usage which is included in the cost.
  • Anesthesia – As you probably know, breast augmentation is performed under general anesthesia. Well, the anesthesia is administered by a doctor called an anesthesiologist. They have specific training that allows them to safely put the patient under anesthesia and then wake them up after the surgery is finished. Anesthesia is often billed by the hour so the longer the procedure, the greater the breast implant cost. Women that get additional procedures with their augmentation, like liposuction, may increase the cost of the procedure.
  • Surgeon and staff fees – Naturally, your surgeon will collect a fee for performing the surgery. But another part of that is paying the staff that coordinates the schedules and much more.

“Hidden” Breast Implant Costs

Women may not be aware of several other “hidden” costs. These can include:

  • Time off from work – Many patients need to take several days or weeks off of work while they heal. This can produce a cost in the form of lost income if your company does not provide medical leave or paid vacation.
  • Prescription medication – Another cost is for pain medication afterwards. There can be some discomfort as your body heals and Dr. Max usually prescribes some pain medication to help with that.
  • Surgical garments – One of the most important things patients can do to make sure they get outstanding results is to wear their surgical bras after the procedure. These garments are often the patient’s responsibility.
  • Tests – There can also be some medical tests that Dr. Max needs to perform before the surgery that can add to the breast implant cost.

How to Get Started with Dr. Max

For patients that want to get breast augmentation but are worried about the cost, Dr. Max offers payment plans and accepts all major credit cards. To get started, first call our office today to schedule a consultation at (817) 529-9199. When you call, you’ll always be greeted by one of our very friendly and highly-trained staff. We absolutely love hearing from new patients and we’re happy to answer as many questions as we can or talk with you about your concerns. From there, the next step is to set up your first consultation with Dr. Max. During this first meeting you’ll get to start talking about your goals for the procedure: what size implant you want, your medical history, incision location, and much more. You’ll also get to try on some of our implant sizing bras to give you a better idea of what size might look best for you. We can’t wait to hear from you!