Middle-Aged Female Model With Botox

Dr. Max Pekarev offers a variety of procedures that address signs of aging in the face, including surgical and non-surgical options. For the right patient in Fort Worth, Botox can provide transformative results, specifically in resolving frown lines, brow furrows, and crow’s feet.

Because his procedures and products serve a spectrum of needs, it’s important to understand which solution is a fit for you. Dr. Max invests time in his relationships with patients, consulting them about the medical options as well as identifying how each can help meet their goals.

If Botox is one of the options you are considering for rejuvenating your appearance, it’s a good idea to know for which types of patient the injectable is best suited.

Knowing How Fort Worth Botox Works Can Clarify the Choice

Wrinkles are typically the result of two kinds of facial activities:

  • Muscular movement. When you smile or frown, wrinkles around your eyes may appear because the individual muscles in these areas are moving together and forming creases.
  • Skin laxity. Over time, skin loses its elasticity (its ability to return to its original shape after stretching.) With or without muscle movement, the skin remains lax in a way that creates wrinkles in the upper face.

Botox works by relaxing the muscles in the upper face. This can be an effective way to reduce the appearance of wrinkles that muscular movement causes. However, Botox may not significantly reduce wrinkles from skin laxity.

Is It Muscular Movement or Skin Laxity?

Dr. Max typically examines Fort Worth Botox patients before making this evaluation. In general, though, the older a patient is, the more likely that wrinkles come from skin laxity instead of muscular movement. For these older patients, excision (surgery) may be the best option; procedures such as a facelift can remove excess skin and restore some elasticity to the face.

Botox tends to offer more short-term and long-term benefits to patients who are younger. Reducing the movement of the muscles that create wrinkles can a) keep them from appearing and b) conserve the elasticity of the skin (since it is being stretched less), which can prevent laxity for longer.

Beyond facial rejuvenation, Dr. Max also offers effective procedures for the body and breast, including abdominoplasty, liposuction, and Fort Worth breast reduction. To schedule an initial consultation, call (817) 529-9199.