Middle Aged Female Model with Breast Implants

It’s a concern that patients considering breast implants voice in many ways. All of them relate to the same question: “How do my surgeon and I select the right implants?”

As the materials and science behind breast implants continues to advance, the options available have only become more extensive. Below, learn how Dr. Max Pekarev selects implants for his patients and what you should expect from the surgeon you choose for your procedure.

Saline, Silicone, and Breast Implants

Saline and silicone are the most commonly recognized “styles” of breast implants, though there are variations within both categories.

Silicone typically offers the most natural feel because of its structure (shell material filled with gel to a specific volume.) Saline breast implants can also provide a natural look and feel, but they offer better results when the patient has more breast tissue to start with.

Both styles have a host of studies showing their safety and efficacy. Dr. Max will make a medical recommendation between the two based on the best fit for your body.

Breast Width is a Determining Factor

When Dr. Max fits patients for breast implants, the width of the breast plays an important role.

Why? An implant that is too small within your breast will shift around and may move out of sync with your body. One of the goals of breast implants, just as with a facelift or rhinoplasty, is to preserve your natural appearance, and this unnatural motion defeats the purpose of the surgery.

Similarly, your surgeon should not choose an implant that is too wide for the breast tissue. Overly-large implants can squeeze the breast outwards under the armpit, which causes poor aesthetic results. Experience, proper measurements, and an artistic eye help Dr. Max avoid these concerns and create attractive, natural-looking results.

Surgeons Can Choose from Among Several Shapes

Each woman’s physique calls for an individualized solution. For example, women with breasts that are the same width may still benefit from different shapes of implants depending on their body shape, height, and other features.

Because of this, Dr. Max considers the breast implant shape as part of his recommendation to patients. Using specific implants, Dr. Max can provide breasts that are narrower and project more outwardly or breasts that are larger and fuller.

As with every recommendation that Dr. Pekarev makes, he takes into consideration how these factors will improve the overall beauty of the patient’s appearance as well as the patient’s personal goals with surgery.

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