Young Female Model with Breast Augmentation Women deserve to be happy with the appearance of their breasts. Whether women have recently gone through a pregnancy or are simply getting older, breasts could have a deflated appearance as a result. The good news is having fuller and perkier breasts can be achieved through a simple breast augmentation or breast lift. And many times, combining the two procedures will produce optimal results in a shorter amount of time, as long as a reputable plastic surgeon like Dr. Max does them.

If women do their research on how to have fuller and perkier breasts over the next couple of months before summer arrives, chances are they will find a lot of different opinions. Having a healthy diet and exercising frequently will help maintain the full appearance of breasts, but that’s not always effective for every woman. The best, quickest and safest option for having fuller and perkier breasts this summer may come from getting a breast augmentation along with a breast lift.

Combine Breast Augmentation with a Breast Lift

Breast augmentation surgery has long been known to give women more youthful-looking breasts that look and feel natural. A breast lift is designed to give women more fullness and perkiness in their breasts. Many patients aren’t aware that combining breast augmentation with a breast lift is an option. The truth is it could be the best solution for making the breasts look and feel much younger.

The combination of adding size, enhancing shape, repositioning the nipples and increasing volume all contribute to fuller and perkier breasts. A simple breast augmentation can’t achieve all of these, so getting a breast lift to go with it makes a lot of sense for many patients.

Why Combining Procedures Makes the Most Sense

A common misconception is a breast lift, and breast augmentation are the same thing. The procedures are actually vastly different, even though they both revolve around enhancing the appearance of the breasts. Combining the procedures not only saves on the cost of having two separate procedures, but it also ensures patients get the results they desire more quickly. Summer is just around the corner, so there’s not much more time to waste to get the desired appearance.

Show Off the New Body with Confidence this Summer

There’s something about the breasts that make a woman more confident about themselves. Seeing the changes to their body following pregnancy, or just because of age, doesn’t have to be discouraging. With the help of Dr. Max performing a combined breast augmentation with a breast lift, patients are merely weeks away from having perfectly shaped and full breasts for the summer and many years beyond.

MP Plastic Surgery specializes in many different procedures, including breast augmentation and breast lifts. Everyone has their reasons for wanting to change their appearance for the better, and it’s our passion to turn dreams into a reality.

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