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A common reason that men and women work with Dr. Max of MP Plastic Surgery is that they feel their existing nose is too big for their face. There are actually a variety of different techniques that Dr. Max may choose to perform to help achieve a smaller nose, all depending on the current size of your nose, it’s current proportion to your face, and what results you desire.

Here’s a description of the 3 most popular rhinoplasty techniques to reduce the size of patients’ noses.

1. Augmenting the Nasal Bridge to Make the Nose Smaller

Some nose job patients have nasal bridges that they feel are too big for their face. If your nasal bridge isn’t proportionate with the rest of your facial features, Dr. Max can perform rhinoplasty to modify the nasal bridge and make the nose smaller.

During this nose job procedure, Dr. Max will likely break the nasal bridge, and may even remove excess or unneeded cartilage to achieve your desired look.

2. Adjusting the Nasal Tip to Make the Nose Look More Proportionate

Sometimes, a nose looks too large because the tip of the nose is longer than average. In this case, the secret to rhinoplasty is simply adjusting the nasal tip. By surgically rotating the nasal tip to an upwards position, Dr. Max is able to make your nose appear shorter, providing patients with more proportionate noses compared to the rest of their faces, which they find more aesthetically pleasing.

3. Performing Alarplasty to Adjust the Size of Your Nostrils

Some noses can change appearance in size by simply manipulating the look and appearance of the nostrils. For this nose job technique, plastic surgeon Dr. Max performs a procedure called alarplasty. During the surgery, a portion of the wing of the nose is removed to allow the nostrils to be adjusted. The end result is a shorter looking nose.

As You Can See, There Are Many Different Ways to Perform Rhinoplasty

Nose jobs are highly unique and individualized surgeries. Two patients with the same complaint may end up with very different surgical plans, depending on the current presentation of their noses and the results they’re hoping to achieve.

This means, during a rhinoplasty consultation at MP Plastic Surgery, you need to be very open, honest, and specific with Dr. Max about what it is you don’t like about your natural nose, and how you’d like your surgically altered nose to appear. Without an open dialogue, it’s impossible for Dr. Max to know exactly what it is you want to achieve. For nose job consultations, Dr. Max also recommends you come in with photos of people who have the type of nose you’re hoping to get, so he has a visual understanding of your preferences.

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