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Plastic surgeon, Dr. Max of MP Plastic Surgery, understands that his rhinoplasty patients are eager to see the results of their nose job surgeries. After all, most nose job patients have lived their whole lives with a nose they don’t like, or they feel is not proportionate to the rest of their facial procedures.

To understand the healing process from rhinoplasty, it’s important to remember that no two nose jobs are alike. Some patients simply require surgery on their nasal tips. Others might require a nasal hump to be shaved down, followed by having the nose broken to allow the nasal roof to heal properly.

Immediately After Surgery You Will Experience Swelling and Bruising

Regardless of the techniques used for your rhinoplasty surgery, one thing is for certain: all patients will experience bruising and swelling after their nose job surgeries, including bruising underneath the eyes. In the first days and weeks after your procedure, you’ll need to wear a splint to protect your nose and promote proper healing.

Even after Dr. Max clears you to remove this splint (and the timeline for this milestone depends on the techniques deployed during your nose job), the results of your nose job still won’t be evident. While bruising will have likely faded at this point, you’ll still be quite swollen around the nose.

The Average Rhinoplasty Patient Doesn’t See Their Final Results for Up to 1 Year

Generally speaking, if you choose to get a nose job, it may take up to a year for you to see the results of your surgery. But remember, the healing and final results timeline varies from patient to patient.

Nose job patients who had only minimal work performed on their nose may be on the front end of the “healing bell curve.” Conversely, patients who had extensive work performed, including the breaking of the nasal bone, typically take a longer time to heal from their procedure.

What You Can Do to Speed Up Your Rhinoplasty Recovery Process

While it’s no guarantee, there are some tips Dr. Max gives his nose job patients that may help them heal from a nose job and see their final results more quickly.*

These tips include:

  • Taking any anti-inflammatory medications Dr. Max prescribes you exactly as directed in order to combat excessive post-op swelling
  • Wearing your nasal splint until Dr. Max tells you it’s safe to take it off
  • Keeping your head elevated in the first days after your surgery
  • Using cool compresses during your initial recovery time period
  • Refraining from cardiovascular exercise like jogging or running for at least 3-4 weeks after your surgery
  • Abstaining from heavy exercise like weight lifting for at least 6 weeks after your procedure
  • Keeping all your post-op appointments with Dr. Max so he can check your healing progress
  • Reporting any potential signs of healing complications, such as infection, to Dr. Max immediately

Get a More Detailed Recovery Timeline from Dr. Max

Remember, 1 year is the average amount of time it takes to see your final results from a nose job. The expected timeline for you to see your new nose will be highly dependent on your surgical plan.

To get a more detailed timeline of when you can expect to see your nose job results, contact us to consult with plastic surgeon Dr. Max at MP Plastic Surgery by calling (817) 529-9199.

*Individual results may vary