Middle Age Female Model WalkingA Mommy Makeover can create amazing and long-lasting results for mothers following their pregnancy. Women take a lot of pride in their appearance, and many times the question arises about how quickly they can get a Mommy Makeover after they have their baby. This is especially true when patients see the stunning results Dr. Max can create. But as great as the results are, Dr. Max always wants to ensure each of his patients recovers as safely and quickly as possible, which will involve taking some time off work. Planning and preparation are two key components of a successful Mommy Makeover, and here are some important considerations regarding the timeline.

The Timeline Depends on the Procedures Performed

A tummy tuck may require a different amount of time off compared to breast augmentation. The same goes for a butt lift compared to liposuction. Dr. Max does a complete evaluation of every patient he sees and makes a recommendation based on the type of procedures, the patient’s overall health and the extent of the work needing to be done. The average timeline is roughly two to four weeks after the conclusion of the procedure, but Dr. Max will give a specific timeline once the process is complete.

Setting the Proper Expectations

The first week following a Mommy Makeover will consist of a lot of rest and relaxation. It’s best to have someone at home to help, especially if children or pets are in the home. Dr. Max recommends doing as little activity as possible in the first week, and start increasing activity after that. Depending on the nature of the patient’s job, going back to work can resume as quickly as the second week following the mommy makeover, but most patients will take at least two weeks off.

It’s important for patients to not pressure themselves into returning to work quickly. The recovery timeline is just as important as the procedure itself, so taking it easy and following the recommendations provided by Dr. Max will help patients enjoy the results of their mommy makeover more quickly.

Tips for Resuming Normal Activities Quickly

Many patients are eager to resume their normal activities, which includes going back to work. There are some ways to safely expedite the process, including:

  • Starting slowly and gradually increasing activity or workout intensity
  • Listening to the body and seeing Dr. Max if anything seems unusual
  • Following the advice provided by Dr. Max closely
  • Staying out of direct sunlight, wearing compression garments if recommended and taking care of the areas that were treated

If these tips seem simple and obvious, it’s because they are. All it takes is following these simple tips, which will also be provided by Dr. Max, and patients will be able to return to work and resume normal activities quickly.

At MP Plastic Surgery, we want all our patients to have a quick and safe recovery following their mommy makeover. We will be with you every step of the way and will keep in touch following the procedure. Transparency is the key to achieving the most desirable results, so never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions along the way.

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