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If you’re a man or woman considering rhinoplasty, there’s something important you need to learn right now: no 2 nose job surgeries are alike.

While you’re understandably curious about how your nose will be molded during the rhinoplasty surgery you desire, the simple fact of the matter is that it all depends on your current nose presentation, and the end results you’d like to see. You’ll only be able to get an in-depth answer to this question by consulting with plastic surgeon, Dr. Max of MP Plastic Surgery.

But between now and your initial consultation, here are some very general ways that noses are molded during rhinoplasty to address the most common nose complaints.

Molding a Nose to Remove an Unwanted Nasal Hump

Many men and women choose rhinoplasty because they have a nasal hump they don’t like. It’s a very common reason for getting a nose job. To address this specific complaint, Dr. Max will likely need to gently shave the hump down with his surgical instruments. Then he’ll perform a procedure called lateral osteoplasty, which is doctor speak for breaking your nose. This is a necessary step for removing a nasal hump because it allows the exposed open roof that was created when the nasal hump was shaved down to heal properly.

Molding a Nose to Achieve a Desired Nasal Tip Appearance

Another common reason men and women undergo nose job surgery is that they’re unhappy with the current look of their nasal tip. Of course, there are very different looks a nasal tip may naturally have that a patient may not like, including a tip that’s more pointed than preferred or that turns up. Therefore, for this particular nose job procedure, Dr. Max may choose from a variety of surgical techniques, including lifting your nasal tip, rounding it out, or narrowing it down.

Molding a Nose that a Patient Finds Too Wide

Some patients want a nose job because they feel their nose is too wide for their face. To address this concern, Dr. Max will perform a nose job surgical technique called alar baser reduction. This procedure includes narrowing down wide nostrils by excising the tissue in between them, breaking the nose, and depend on how much you want the nose slimmed down, perhaps even extending the nose to make it look more narrow.

The Importance of a Consultation with Dr. Max

As you can see from the 3 descriptions above, there are so many different ways to mold a nose during rhinoplasty! And the truth is, the above examples are just a small sampling of reasons that men and women decide to get nose jobs.

To understand how Dr. Max, of MP Plastic Surgery, will perform a nose job on you, it’s necessary to meet him for a consultation, describe what you’re dissatisfied with and what you’d ultimately like your nose to look like (sample pictures are great to give Dr. Max a visual image of what you want), and undergo a nose examination. If you’re found to be a safe and eligible candidate for elective plastic surgery based on your current overall health, Dr. Max will then prepare a personalized surgical plan for you.

To meet Dr. Max, call his plastic surgery practice today to schedule an initial consultation. MP Plastic Surgery can be reached at (817) 529-9199.