Female Model after Tummy TuckCelebrations and nights out can be difficult for patients who feel restricted because they don’t want to lose the results they achieved with a tummy tuck. While gaining a substantial amount of weight will negatively affect the results of your tummy tuck, a few pounds, even five or ten pounds, will not make a huge difference.

Factors to Consider When You Gain Weight

The main consideration for your tummy tuck is how much weight you can gain before the results are affected. While it’s ideal to remain at a stable weight, many patients fluctuate a bit after their tummy tuck. The extent to which weight gain will affect your results depend on:

  • Your frame. Patients who have a large frame can usually get away with a 10-15 pound weight gain without noticeable changes. However, if you have a small frame, then 10 to 15 pounds will make the results of your tummy tuck much less noticeable.
  • Where you gain weight. Some patients gain weight in their thighs and hips while others put on weight only in their mid-section. When you gain weight, it will distribute the same way as before your tummy tuck.
  • Your eating habits. A tummy tuck is not a long-term weight loss solution. To keep your results, you’ll need to maintain a balanced diet and moderate exercise schedule to keep the same results.

For patients who have stubborn fat deposits, Dr. Max Pekarev recommends combining liposuction with their tummy tuck. In many cases, liposuction makes it more difficult for fat deposits to return to the same area. Dr. Max will be able to determine the best procedure for you during your consultation.

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