Female Model After Mommy Makeover At MP Plastic Surgery, we recommend some patients for a mommy makeover as a means of getting back the form they had before giving birth. It’s a safe elective procedure, and is intended to address certain issues associated with giving birth. Having a baby can lead to distended skin on your belly, scars from C-sections, distended breasts and other issues that no amount of exercise or diet can correct. If a mommy makeover is right for you, we provide the ideal conditions and staff to perform the procedure.

As with any procedure of this nature, you probably have a lot of questions. A mommy makeover involves many facets, and it’s natural to need some details before moving forward. We’ll sit down and answer them all for you, as we go through every step of a mommy makeover to even answer questions that you may not yet have. One of the most common we receive is “how long after a mommy makeover can I have sex?” It’s a very reasonable and normal concern, and thankfully, the answer is a clear one.

Take Time to Heal From Surgery

Every form of surgery, even the most mundane, involves a certain period of discomfort as your body heals. Furthermore, procedures such as mommy makeover often involve several minor surgeries in multiple places, which further extends the healing period. During this time, you need to closely follow your doctor’s orders and dedicate yourself to healing your body before you engage in strenuous activity like sex.

The risks involved with pushing your body too soon are not inconsiderable. They can involve internal bleeding, increased risk of infection, added pain and stress to healing muscles and similar factors that can drastically impact your health. Accordingly, Dr. Max recommends waiting until you’re fully healed from the procedure before resuming any sexual activities.

Every Patient is Different

Surgical procedures like mommy makeovers are tailored to fit the unique needs of every patient. This is reflected in your recovery time as well. There’s no single formula for every woman, though you should always get an examination before your doctor agrees that you are ready to resume normal activities.

As a general rule, you should wait at least 2-4 weeks after surgery before sex. We often recommend waiting at least six weeks, and then proceeding slowly, giving yourself the chance to gradually increase frequency.

Surgery is intended to enhance your health and improve your lifestyle, so in order to gain the full benefits, it’s important give your body the care and attention that it needs. We offer advice and consultation for our patients throughout the area so that you know everything before going in and can take the best possible advantage of the procedure. Your mommy makeover will leave you ready to live the lifestyle you enjoyed before your pregnancy, provided that you follow each step carefully and let your body recover.

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