Female Model Contemplating Breast Augmentation Surgery Standing Next To BikeEvery woman’s body reacts to surgical procedures in different ways. So it is possible that during the recovery phase following your breast augmentation, you may be surprised to experience a few unexpected, peculiar situations. However, most of our breast augmentation patients can expect a timely, predictable recovery and are not likely to experience any complications during and after their surgery at MP Plastic Surgery. This is especially true when you work with Dr. Max, who is a board-certified and experienced plastic surgeon that has successfully performed many breast augmentations.

It is still important to know what you can expect and what potential changes your body will go through during and after your breast augmentation. For example, one common healing observation you may experience is your nipples pointing downward. This could cause concern if you are unaware that it is completely normal and simply part of the healing process.

How Long After Surgery Will My Nipples Point Down?

If you have breast augmentation, you can expect your nipples to point downward for three or four weeks after surgery. This is how long your new implants generally take to settle in, so your nipples will correct themselves naturally soon after surgery. However, it is important to note that if your implants have settled and your nipples are still pointing downward after six weeks, you may need to visit our practice so that Dr. Max can assess the situation.

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Other Reasons for Downward Pointing Nipples

Torpedo breast, also known as ‘bottoming out,’ is a condition that can occur after breast augmentation surgery. It occurs when the implant slips downwards and causes the nipple to point downwards or away from the normal position. This condition can lead to an unbalanced appearance and often requires a secondary procedure to achieve a natural look and proper positioning of the nipple. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, it is important to research potential risks and take preventive steps, such as avoiding certain exercises that involve pushing or using your chest muscles during recovery.

How Long Will My Breast Implants Take to Settle?

The settling process following breast augmentation surgery is often called the drop and fluff. After your procedure, you will notice the implants sitting higher than you would probably like. This is completely normal since some pressure is applied to the implant when inserted behind the muscle wall.

As your muscles relax, the implant will slowly drop into more of the natural position you expected. The reason your nipples point downward during the process is due to pressure applied to the implant as it sits higher on the chest, and it also explains why the nipple returns to normal as the implant drops.

Dr. Max Can Help You With Every Aspect of Breast Augmentation

If you have your breast augmentation with Dr. Max, he will give you a comprehensive recovery plan, including things you need to look out for, so nothing should surprise you. However, if you notice anything out of the norm from what he has told you to expect, it never hurts to give him a quick call. Similarly, if your nipples point down after breast surgery with another doctor, Dr. Max is more than happy to help you create a breast revision surgery plan.

At MP Plastic Surgery, we want to ensure all of our patients know exactly what to expect before, during, and after their breast augmentation. We understand changes in your body are out of the norm, but we will help you to restore normalcy and give you peace of mind.

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