Female Model with Tummy TuckSometimes the patients I treat at MP Plastic Surgery Center feel like it’s not possible to ever be able to get rid of their excess abdominal skin and belly fat. It does not matter how these aesthetically undesirable features came to be; a tummy tuck is a safe and effective procedure that firms and tightens up your skin and improves your body’s contour. In addition to the obvious physical benefits, a tummy tuck can provide a dramatic boost to your emotional well-being by increasing your sense of self-esteem and confidence. The patients I work with are excited to see their new, flatter belly but when they actually get to experience their fabulously rejuvenated and toned abdomen, they report that the results exceed their expectations. Here are some of the reasons that both men and women should seriously consider a tummy tuck.

Why Patients Opt For A Tummy Tuck

Many patients who were previously pregnant or experienced significant weight loss will have excess skin as a result. Diet and exercise can only do so much to improve this physical feature. The time and effort spent exercising can lead actually lead to a decrease in self-confidence, especially if the results you are seeing aren’t what you had anticipated. If you fall into any of these categories, then a tummy tuck is a viable option for you.

The Results You Can Expect To See

Your flat tummy is within reach when you decide to get a tummy tuck. The results are immediate and permanent. However, factors such as weight gain or another pregnancy can cause excess skin and fat to return. This is why the timing of your tummy tuck is important if you expect to experience long-lasting results. If you don’t plan on having any more kids, then the time may be right for you. Also, if you’ve lost a significant amount of weight and have established a healthy exercise routine and eating habits, then a tummy tuck will boost your efforts and give you the physical appearance you desire.

Boost Your Self-Confidence With A Tummy Tuck

Above all else, getting a tummy tuck can significantly improve a patient’s self-confidence. This is what makes the process rewarding for my staff and myself, but more importantly – our patients. No one should go through their life unhappy with their appearance, especially when they’ve worked so hard to create a look they desire. If you’ve reached this point in your life, then you owe it to yourself to pursue the option of a tummy tuck.

MP Plastic Surgery Center works with every patient to do our part to help them reach their goals. When you visit me for your initial consultation about your tummy tuck, we will discuss the procedure thoroughly. But most importantly, I will have the opportunity to learn more about you, your habits and what you want to achieve with your appearance. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about the procedure and how you can boost your self-confidence by visiting us.

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