Female Model with Breast Augmentation SurgeryBreast augmentation can be one of the best decisions you ever made, but like any major surgery, you need to approach it carefully and with your overall health in mind. Many breast augmentation patients are eager to get back into their normal exercise routine and keep their body fit, but a safe and healthy recovery should always be your first order of business. When your body is ready, you’ll be able to resume regular exercise just as you always have. But you need to take it easy at first and move forward only when your doctor feels that you’re ready.

In the meantime,  you can still take basic steps to stay in shape. Every case is unique, and you should always consult with your doctor to determine how much exercise you can handle. As you recover from your breast augmentation surgery, here’s a general schedule to help you stay in shape:

0 Days-15 Days after Surgery: Eat right, with nutritious foods high in vitamins to help your body recover from the surgery. Don’t worry about counting calories: your body can use that extra energy. Exercise should be limited, but can involve light walks (15 minutes every hour, slow and leisurely so as not to elevate your heart) and similar low-stress activities. Stay away from lifting weights. If you find yourself needing to lift anything above 5 pounds, leave it be or ask another family member to help.

16 Days-30 Days after Surgery: Limited exercise can resume, though always under the advice of your doctor: light aerobics and lower body strength exercises. Avoid working the upper body while your chest continues to heal. Stay away from running and swimming too, and while you can lift a few light weights (10 pounds and under only), avoid any strenuous activity.

31 Days-41 Days after Surgery: This is the time when you can gradually increase your exercise levels until you’re back up to the workout you’re used to. That can include running, swimming, lower and upper body workouts, and weight lifting. Keep in mind, however, that every patient is different and you should always consult with your doctor before increasing the intensity of your workout. It’s always better to wait than to risk a complication.

You want to look your best after breast augmentation surgery, and if you’re used to a certain workout schedule it can be very frustrating to wait. But easing into your routine makes a lot more sense than trying to rush it, and by following a gradual course laid out by your doctor, you can return to the shape you want while allowing your body to recover. You’ll love the way you look when you’re done, and with a careful approach to exercise, you’ll ensure that you don’t push too hard too fast.

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