Female Model, on Bicycle, with Breast Augmentation One of the most common questions after any plastic surgery for the body involves the effect of weight loss or gain. Because the proportions for your best results are based on your consultations, your weight does have some influence on the decision.

While the results of your breast augmentation will not be affected if you gain weight, it’s possible for changes to occur if weight is lost.

What Changes Can Occur After Weight Loss?

Firstly, there is no guarantee that weight loss will affect the results of your breast augmentation. There is an increased risk of change, but other than that it is hard to predict. The potential effects from weight loss include:

  • Rippling: Although this is more common with saline implants, rippling can occur when there is less breast tissue covering the implant. One way to avoid this is by placing the breast implants under the muscle.
  • Sagging: As you lose weight, the breast tissue supporting your implant also may be reduced and cause the implants to sag. If you typically lose fat in this area, then it is likely this will happen again.
  • Reduction in Size: Depending on where you lose weight, your breast tissue may also decrease in size. This will result in smaller breasts and possibly the ability to see and feel the implants. Again if you lose a substantial amount of weight this is much more likely, but women who lose only a few pounds are unlikely to notice a dramatic difference.

Prior to breast augmentation surgery, Dr. Max Pekarev recommends that patients attain their goal weight. This will avoid any potential problems caused by weight loss and lead to a stable result.

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