Breast Implants Fort WorthOne important decision patients must make prior to their breast augmentation is the incision location. Sometimes patients can choose the specific location and size, but other times it’s not an option depending on the type of breast implant chosen, the size and other factors. Of course, women usually want a very small incision, so it’s hidden as much as possible. With the technology available today, along with Dr. Max’s experience, it’s completely possible for the incision to barely be noticeable at a glance. The type of breast implant is the main factor when it comes to the incision size. Here are some details about each type.

Incision Size for Silicone Implants

Silicone breast implants are the most popular type used today. However, they also generally require a larger incision size. The main reason is that the implants are already pre-filled with silicone gel and need enough space to be inserted into the breast. There isn’t a minimum incision size requirement, and a lot of the size depends on the experience and knowledge of the plastic surgeon. Dr. Max always considers incision size with every breast augmentation, since the smaller the size, the less noticeable it will be.

Incision Size for Saline Implants

Saline breast implants generally don’t require a large incision, since they are inserted into the breast while deflated and then inflated once properly positioned. Again, the actual size of the incision largely depends on how comfortable the plastic surgeon is performing the breast augmentation. The difference in size of the incision between both implant types isn’t extensive, and may not even exceed one-inch invariance. Also, depending on the location of the incision, the size may not even matter as much since it could be very well hidden.

Where Incisions Can Be Placed

Patients have three main options when it comes to the incision location for their breast augmentation:

  • Peri-areolar. This incision is performed around the nipple and is mostly hidden due to the pigmentation on the skin. Saline implants are the ideal type for this incision, but silicone implants can be used as well depending on the size.
  • Breast fold. This incision location is the most common since it will be hidden under the breast. The larger the breast size, the more it will be hidden. Both implant types are suitable for this incision location.
  • Armpit. This incision requires an experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Max. The incision will be located only on the armpit and provides many benefits as long as the surgeon has had success with it in the past.

The Experience of Your Plastic Surgeon Makes a Difference

There’s no substitute for having a great plastic surgeon like Dr. Max perform a breast augmentation. Most women just want to have a safe procedure that looks and feels natural and meets their expectations. Dr. Max is very conscious about the size of every incision he makes. He will only make it as large as he needs in order to insert the implant safely and effectively and provide the most comfort for his patient.

At MP Plastic Surgery, we will do everything it takes to make every patient’s experience with breast augmentation surgery a positive one. We understand the size of the incision may mean a lot to some people, but others may not necessarily be bothered by it. Dr. Max will always explain the process of breast augmentation in detail, so there will be no surprises afterward.

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