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One of the main reasons women get breast augmentations is to fix a common thing every woman will face – sagging breasts. However, any amount of research by patients will indicate that breast augmentation with breast implants won’t last forever, even though they will last for several years. The truth is that implants will also sag eventually and may require repositioning or possibly have to undergo another breast augmentation. Sagging breasts aren’t anything to worry about since Dr. Max can quickly and easily revive their youthful appearance. Patients should have proper expectations following breast augmentation surgery, which Dr. Max will take the time to explain.

Breast Implants Will Settle into Place

Following breast augmentation surgery, patients will notice their breast implants may be sitting slightly higher than expected. This is completely normal, as the implants will begin falling slightly and settle into place during the recovery process. The process of the implants settling is not considered sagging. Sagging will happen over time as the breast tissue begins aging. The larger the implants are, the quicker sagging will occur. However, breast augmentation surgery results will make breasts look great for many years, and sagging is not imminent until 10+ years later in most cases.

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Movement and Gravity Play Roles in Sagging

Moving around throughout the day will naturally cause breast implants to move slightly. The implants’ downward force will slowly start moving the breast tissue away from the chest and cause some sagging. The good news is this process takes many years to happen and is easily correctable. Larger implants tend to sag more quickly than smaller ones, simply because they are heavier. Periodic visits to Dr. Max’s office after breast augmentation can help identify any potential points of weakness and be corrected quickly and easily.

Tips for Keeping Perky Breasts

When women decide to get breast augmentation, they should put a lot of thought into the future and how to keep the breasts perkier for as long as possible. One of the best tips for keeping long-lasting perky breasts is always to support them. Not wearing a bra around the house may be comfortable, but it’s also contributing to the gravitational force downward, which may lead to sagging.

Before undergoing breast augmentation, patients may consider getting a smaller size than they had originally thought they wanted since smaller sizes won’t sag as quickly or easily. And even if they do sag a bit, it won’t be as noticeable since they aren’t as big. Dr. Max has a knack for fitting the breast implants proportionally with his patients, so he can also provide tips and advice for maintaining perky breasts for years to come.

MP Plastic Surgery strives to create the best results depending on how every patient wants to look. Everyone is unique, and we treat each patient in that way. Dr. Max will be honest and upfront before undergoing breast augmentation surgery, so there are no surprises afterward.

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