Female Model with Breast ImplantsNew breast implants can be a marvelous addition to your life and if placed by a skilled surgeon, you can enjoy an improved figure and bust line with no complications and a speedy recovery. At MP Plastic Surgery, we stress that every woman is unique in her own way, and that breast implants should be considered only if it fits your specific circumstances. Having said that, breast augmentation can be a wonderful decision, and, if made as part of a larger dedication to your health, can prove to be a transformative experience.

Since breast implants often accompany an exercise regimen, nutrition plan and other steps designed to improve your health, the question arises of how weight loss may affect your implants. Dr. Max will discuss such questions with you as you move forward with your procedure, but in the meantime, we’ve provided a quick guideline to outline the effects.

The Concerns

The issue as far as weight loss goes concerns the amount of fatty tissue in your breasts. That amount may rise and fall depending on the intensity of an exercise regimen. In order for breast implants to look their best, they must maintain the right ratio of perceived breast tissue with glandular tissue in the breasts. Some women have more fat in their breasts than others, and weight loss tends to impact those women more readily. However, most women who elect to undergo breast augmentation have little fat in their breast tissue to begin with, meaning that weight loss rarely enters into the equation when determining it.

Some of it depends on the placement of the implants. If they’re placed beneath the muscle of your chest, weight loss most likely won’t affect the size or shape of your breasts, though sagging may occur in some cases. If they’re above the muscles, however, then they’re more likely to be affected by weight loss after surgery. Even then your weight doesn’t affect the size of the implants, and in order to suffer a decrease in breast size you would need to lose at least 10 or 15 pounds. When conducted carefully and under the supervision of your surgeon, healthy weight loss can actually enhance your bust further, making it appear larger and more curved.

Our Team Works With You

In most cases, your surgeon will recommend that you stabilize your weight before undergoing breast augmentation and to provide a steady baseline on which to base your decisions. After the surgery, you should consult with your surgeon to ensure that your diet and exercise levels are optimum for a fast and healthy recovery. For women throughout the area, you could not ask for a better partner in this process than Dr. Max. He can answer all of your questions, and help you set up an exercise and nutrition plan that perfectly complements your surgery. This helps ensure that you have the body you want with the health and happiness you deserve.

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