If you are unhappy with how your breasts look, it is probably something that affects you every single day. Finding the right clothes, bathing suits, or dresses can be challenging, not to mention the impact it can have on your self-esteem. Whether you are just looking to increase the size and perkiness of your breasts, or if you want to correct a mastectomy or asymmetrical breasts, one of the first things you have probably considered is breast augmentation cost. Women who have started doing their research on breast augmentation often come to us with a wide range of prices. One of the reasons it is so hard to give a simple dollar amount is that there are quite a few different factors that can influence the final price of breast augmentation.

One of the best ways to determine how much your breast augmentation procedure will cost is by scheduling a personalized consultation with Dr. Max.

The Initial Consultation

When you call us, you will talk with one of our welcoming and extensively trained staff. Receiving calls from new patients is one of the highlights of our day; we love answering your questions and talking with you about your concerns.

From there, the next step is to schedule a convenient time for you to come into our cozy, comfortable office to meet with Dr. Max in person for your complimentary consultation. This one-on-one consultation will give you the chance to talk with Dr. Max about your goals for the procedure and discuss your medical history. Dr. Max may also perform an examination to make sure that you are healthy enough for a breast augmentation.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost?

Breast augmentation surgery at our practice generally costs between $5,000 and $7,500. The exact price varies based on the type of implant, the technique used, surgeon fees, facility fees, anesthesia fees, pre- and post-op care, and any additional procedures performed.

Factors That Influence Breast Augmentation Cost

Patients are often frustrated that they cannot find a specific dollar amount for the total cost of their procedure. The reason this information is not available is that there are so many unknown factors that go into determining the total cost. Here are a few of the factors that influence breast augmentation cost:

Factors That Determine Breast Augmentation Cost

Surgeon Fees

Your surgeon will charge a fee for their time and skill in performing the operation. But even this can vary between patients depending on their frame, the size of implants they want, and any unforeseen complications that might arise.

Implant Type

The type of implant you choose will have a significant impact on your breast augmentation cost. Patients that choose saline implants will usually pay less because those types of implants are more affordable. The newer types of silicone and cohesive gel (“gummy bear”) implants tend to cost more.


Anesthesia costs are usually calculated by the hour and administered by an anesthesiologist. So, patients who are getting other procedures in addition to an augmentation (like liposuction or a breast lift) may have longer surgical times and, therefore, higher costs.

Hospital Costs

This is where it gets tricky. Hospital charges can vary wildly, depending on how long you stay, which tests you have done, your anesthesia, and any post-surgical garments you may need.

Geographic Location

Costs for many products vary by state or region, and the same is true with breast augmentation cost. Patients may end up paying less than someone in California but more than someone in Oklahoma.

Miscellaneous Charges

Finally, there are other costs that patients may not consider as they calculate how much their breast augmentation will cost. Dr. Max often prescribes pain medication after the operation which, depending on your insurance, may increase the cost.


There are some cases where your insurance may cover the cost of breast augmentation. If you have had a mastectomy or if you have certain breast-related diseases, your insurance may or may not cover your procedure. But generally, most health insurance plans will not cover elective procedures like breast augmentation.

Financing Your Breast Augmentation

Dr. Max offers all of our patients some affordable financing options. We typically spend a lot of time talking about this with our patients during their complimentary consultation. Of course, we also accept all of the major credit cards for our patients who prefer to go that route.

Why Work with Dr. Max?

There are two reasons why Dr. Max is quickly becoming one of the most “in demand” surgeons in all of Texas. First, Dr. Max is an Ivy League-educated surgeon that has built his entire practice on taking the time to listen to each patient. We even give our patients a second complimentary consultation if they still have questions or concerns after their first appointment. We do not want any patient to move forward with such an enormous decision if they are still unsure.

Second, Dr. Max and all of our staff always offer patients total and complete honesty and transparency. We let you know everything you need to know about every step of the procedure, so you never feel in the dark. Dr. Max also ensures that every patient is healthy enough to undergo their procedure and will not move forward if he feels the risks are too great.

If you want to learn more about Dr. Max’s work for yourself, make sure you check out our stunning gallery of before and after pictures and read out patients’ glowing reviews. You can also give us a call to get your breast augmentation journey started today at (817) 529-9199.