Breast Augmentation in Fort Worth, TX

Each woman has her own idea of the “perfect” breast size and shape for her body. Because every patient is unique and different, Dr. Max tailors every single breast augmentation procedure to your precise and exact goals and desires. We firmly believe that you deserve to have the body of your dreams, and Dr. Max is passionate about making that positive, natural-looking change happen in a comfortable and secure environment.

If you’re unhappy with your breasts, whether you’ve just finished childbearing and breastfeeding, you’ve had a mastectomy, or if you just want more size and fullness to your breasts, Dr. Max from MP Plastic Surgery can help. Feel free to contact us if you have questions and concerns that you can’t find the answers to; we’d love to hear from you.

Breast Augmentation Explained

Fort Worth patients choose to have a breast augmentation for many personal reasons. Some women want to regain their appearance after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Others want a fuller figure, the opportunity to wear different clothing styles, or greater confidence in their appearance.

Whatever motivates you, Dr. Max will help you make your decision confidently and well-informed.

Am I a Candidate For Breast Augmentation?

Fort Worth women deserve to look and feel their best. For women that suffer from small, asymmetrical breasts, breast augmentation is a great way to help them feel as good on the outside as they do on the inside. But which patients are good candidates for breast augmentation? Here is a quick guide on what makes you a good candidate for breast implants.

A Breast Augmentation is Perfect For

  • Healthy patients – First of all, Fort Worth patients need to be in good overall health. Dr. Max will perform a full examination and look into your medical history as well. High blood pressure and diabetes are two issues that patients may need to get under control before undergoing surgery.
  • Patients with fully developed breasts – To perform a breast augmentation, the breasts need to be fully developed. Usually, patients under 18 years old are not good candidates, but this is not always the case.
  • Patients with realistic expectations – Patients need to have realistic expectations about the outcome of their procedures.
  • Patients dissatisfied with breasts – Fort Worth patients also need to be dissatisfied with the size or shape of their breasts. Whether its breasts that are not symmetrical, have become flat or droopy from pregnancy, breast reconstruction, or simply small breasts, patients are generally not happy with their breasts.

Before and After

Feel free to take a look at our before and after gallery, where you can see actual results from our breast augmentation patients.

Breast Augmentation Fort Worth

What are the Costs Involved in a Breast Augmentation in the Fort Worth, TX Area?

One of the primary concerns for many of our patients is the cost of the procedure. Many of our patients do their own research before their preliminary consultation with Dr. Max. The issue of cost often causes confusion because there is such a wide range of prices. Here are a few of the factors that go into determining the cost of breast augmentation. Fort Worth patients who visit Dr. Max for a consultation will get a much more accurate price for their specific procedure.

Surgeons Fee

One of the costs that can vary with breast augmentation is the fees for the surgeon. Each surgeon will have a specific rate, and this can differ between geographic regions.

Staff Fee

Of course, it’s not just the doctor whose services and expertise are used: there is the entire office staff who help coordinate and schedule the procedure.

Hospital or Surgical Center Fee

Dr. Max has surgical privileges at Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth, Texas Health Harris Methodist HEB, and Texas Health Harris Methodist Southwest. The hospitals charge a fee for the use of their facility and equipment.


One of the highest costs for breast augmentation surgery is the anesthesia. A special doctor, an anesthesiologist, is required to perform this critical part of the procedure. Anesthesia is charged by the hour, so patients with longer surgeries or those who are getting multiple procedures performed (like a mommy makeover) may accrue more expense than a simple breast augmentation.

Medical Tests

Additionally, before the procedure even begins, Dr. Max will need to perform tests on each patient to ensure that they are healthy enough to undergo the procedure.

Postoperative Prescriptions and Garments

A couple of “hidden” costs that many patients do not factor in are the post-surgical garments and prescription medications they may need. Surgical garments are essential to getting the results you want because they help hold the implants in place while your body heals. Many of our patients also require pain medication for the first few days after the procedure. Both of these are costs that patients should factor into their total expenses.

Time Off from Work

Finally, one other cost that many patients may not think about is any missed work they might experience during their recovery. Many of our patients take several days, or even weeks, off to allow their bodies to heal.

Breast Augmentation Procedure Process Explained

The Consultation

Fort Worth women who are interested in breast augmentation can first schedule a preliminary consultation where you can meet with board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Max in person. Dr. Max will answer any questions you may have and help you understand what to expect before, during, and after the procedure.

During your consultation, you’ll be able to see, feel, and try on breast implant sizers. This can help you see how you might look after surgery without making any further commitment. You can also talk with other women who have had breast augmentation. Several of our staff members have benefited from the surgery and will be glad to share their experience with you.

How Long Does a Breast Augmentation Procedure Take?

Your procedure should take about an hour. Dr. Max will follow the plan that you and he outline during your pre-surgical visits, making careful incisions, and placing the implant. He will close your incisions with dissolvable sutures.

Breast Augmentation Incisions

There are three different incisions used for breast augmentation. Fort Worth will talk extensively with Dr. Max about which type of incision he’ll use to place your implant.

  • Inframammary – This incision is the most common and is made along the base of the breast in the fold of skin.
  • Periareolar – The periareolar incision is made around the nipple and offers the best scar concealment of these three. However, for patients who plan to breastfeed later, this incision carries a greater risk of complications along with a greater risk of losing nipple sensitivity.
  • Transaxillary – Usually used for saline implants, the transaxillary incision is made in the armpit.

What Should I Expect in Terms of Recovery After A Breast Augmentation?

Following the surgery, you will go home wearing a specialized supportive bra. After resting for the first day, most patients only need medication to address discomfort for two days or so. Many resume daily activities with a week. You will most likely be able to return to your regular exercise routine after about 3-4 weeks.

MP Plastic Surgery will assist you throughout your recovery, and Dr. Max and our staff will answer questions and address any concerns you may have. By the time you are fully healed, you can expect to have achieved your goals in aesthetic beauty.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call today to learn more about your options with breast augmentation.

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Other Things to Consider Before Getting A Breast Augmentation

During the consultation and preoperative discussions before the breast augmentation, Fort Worth patients will talk extensively with Dr. Max about their goals and have the chance to make decisions collaboratively. Dr. Max considers aesthetics, lifestyle, and body proportions in his surgical approach. These factors help him to recommend:

3 Silicone Breast Implants

  • Implant size.
  • Implant shape (low, moderate, or high profile).
  • Implant type (silicone gel, cohesive silicone gel, or saline).
  • Incision site (in the breast fold, peri-areolar, or in the armpit).
  • Implant placement (below or above the pectoral muscle).

Dr. Max will also take time to explain how each of the choices will improve your results and give you the most natural look and feel.

Implant Types for Breast Augmentation. Which is Best for Me?

There are two different types of breast implants.

  • Saline – Saline breast implants are usually inserted into the breast deflated and empty. Once they’re placed, Dr. Max will fill them with sterilized salt water called saline.
  • Silicone Gel – Silicone implants are made of a soft, sticky gel. Many women prefer these types of implants because they feel more natural.

As you meet and talk with Dr. Max, he can also make recommendations on which type of implant might be best for you. Silicone and saline implants each have their own pros and cons. Saline implants tend to be cheaper, and if they leak, you’ll know immediately. While silicone feels more natural and avoids “rippling” on the edges, it is difficult to tell if they’re leaking and tend to be more expensive.

Are There Any Risks Involved in Getting Breast Implants?

Fort Worth women have many different concerns about their breast augmentation. One of the most common is what they can do to reduce scarring. Unfortunately, whenever the skin is cut, it forms a scar as it heals. But Dr. Max takes a lot of time to help patients do everything they can to reduce the appearance of their scar.

  • Follow post-op instructions – Probably the best way to make sure that your recovery and your scars turn out as you want is to follow all of Dr. Max’s post-operative instructions. Make sure you read through them and discuss any questions you have with Dr. Max long before your actual surgery date.
  • Avoid Ibuprofen and Aspirin – Before your surgery, make sure that you avoid ibuprofen and Aspirin. These can impact how your scars heal and how you recover.
  • Quit smoking – Fort Worth patients that undergo any surgery should quit Tobacco inhibits your body’s ability to bring oxygen and nutrients to your surgical sites. This can affect your scar and also how well your body heals after the procedure.
  • Silicone sheeting – One of the most popular ways to reduce scar thickness is with silicone sheeting. These sheets are applied directly to the incision site and must be worn regularly.
  • Topical treatment – There are a variety of different creams and topical ointments on the market that claim to reduce scarring. Please make sure you talk with Dr. Max before using any of them.
  • Self-massage – Another method is self-massage. Many women report that massaging the scars after they are well-healed can help reduce the appearance of scars.

However, there are some things that are simply outside of our patient’s control and can determine how visible their scars are.

  • Age – As our skin ages, it loses some of its ability to heal. While youthful skin might heal quickly and with minimal scarring, for some of our more mature Fort Worth patients, the scarring could be more visible. Dr. Max will discuss the risks of any procedure with all of his patients.
  • Genetics – Some people have a better capacity to heal with minimal scarring. If you’ve had cuts, scrapes, or other surgeries in the past, you can judge how well your body handles scarring.
  • Skin color – Another factor is the color of your skin. Darker skin has a greater tendency to form raised scars. Lighter skin will often show more of a contrast between the scar tissue and the surrounding skin.

Why Work with Dr. Max for Your Breast Augmentation

Fort Worth women should feel comfortable and relaxed when they visit with their surgeon. One of the things that Dr. Max has worked hard to provide for all of his patients is a peaceful, transparent, and caring practice to talk openly and feel comfortable. Our patients love how kind and compassionate Dr. Max is during all of their meetings. Dr. Max enjoys developing strong, lasting relationships with all of his patients. He also believes honesty is the foundation for all great doctor/patient relationships.

“…did my breast augmentation in 2017. My results are amazing—all of my friends and family go here, too. I trust him with my life!” – K. Kamalani

In addition to how devoted he is to his work, Dr. Max also has some of the finest surgical and medical education. He graduated from the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in Newark. After finishing his general surgical residency at Drexel University College of Medicine, he completed a highly prestigious 3-year plastic surgery fellowship at the University of Massachusetts Medical School.

His extensive and ongoing education and training allow Dr. Max to deliver beautiful, natural-looking results to our Fort Worth patients. If you’re ready to get started, contact our plastic surgery practice in Fort Worth. We would love to hear from you and help you take the first step on this exciting journey.

Dr. Max Is The Best Choice for Breast Augmentation Surgery in Fort Worth

Visit our reviews page to learn from our patients’ experiences first hand. We can’t wait to hear from you; contact Dr. Max in Fort Worth at (817) 529-9199 for a consultation today.