Chin Augmentation Fort Worth

Personalized to your unique features

Even subtle enhancements to your chin can dramatically enhance your facial features, defining your jawline and restoring graceful balance. Dr. Max will listen to your desired goals to help you achieve the look you want.

The shape of your chin has a significant effect on the overall balance of your face. Men and women who lack definition in their chin may feel self-conscious about having a recessed or “weak” chin and desire a contour that is better proportioned to their face.

Chin Augmentation in Fort Worth Basics

During a chin enhancement procedure, Dr. Max will insert an implant made of a safe, synthetic composite around your existing chin bone, adding definition to your chin. The size and contour of the implant to be used will be determined before surgery and custom fit to achieve the most natural looking results for your unique facial structure.

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A chin enhancement is frequently performed at the same time as another facial procedure, such as rhinoplasty, cheek enhancement, or neck contouring, to achieve optimal balance to the face.

What is involved in chin implant surgery?

Chin augmentation surgery is a relatively straightforward procedure with a quick recovery. Through a small incision located on the underside of your chin or hidden inside your mouth, Dr. Max will insert the chin implant that you selected before surgery to help you achieve a naturally proportioned chin.

Most patients experience some post-operative bruising and swelling, which subside in the days following surgery. You’ll be up and walking around the same day as surgery, and after resting at home for a few days, most patients return to work within the first week.

During your personal consultation at our office in Fort Worth, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Max will take the time to understand your concerns, so you can decide together the best surgical plan to realize your aesthetic goals. Dr. Max offers a caring approach and thoughtful attention to detail because he wants you to look and feel your absolute best.