Show the World Your Confidence

Together, your eyes & brow deliver the most powerful messages about the way you feel. A brow lift can help restore youthful vibrancy to the upper third of your face, ensuring that your expressions reflect the real you.

The everyday stresses of life—as well as the effects of age, gravity, and exposure to sunlight—take a toll on a person’s face. Your muscles may droop, making your face look sad or tired. Fort Worth board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Maxim Pekarev understands that these unwelcome changes can harm your confidence.

The Basics of Brow Lift Surgery

A brow lift, also called a forehead lift, repositions sagging forehead tissues, smoothes deep furrows and eliminates excess skin to restore a more open, youthful and refreshed appearance to your upper face. For most patients, the procedure can be performed endoscopically, which involves a much smaller incision and reduced recovery time.

Why Choose to Have a Forehead Lift?

A forehead lift can help you look years younger, reducing wrinkles and loose skin above the brow for a more naturally refreshed look. It’s one of the most effective procedures to correct a constantly worried or angry look characterized by a heavy, sagging brow.

In addition, a brow lift can be performed in conjunction with eyelid surgery to achieve more comprehensive facial rejuvenation. Many patients in Fort Worth choose brow lift surgery with Dr. Max to improve their vision, as excess skin above the eyes can actually impair your vision.

What is Involved in Brow Lift Surgery?

Dr. Max usually performs an endoscopic brow lift using an endoscope (a surgical video device) and special instruments placed through small incisions made within the hairline. This allows the tissue and muscle beneath the skin to be repositioned, altered, or removed, correcting the source of visible creases and furrows in the forehead.

The procedure usually takes about 1-2 hours to perform, depending on the techniques used and whether or not you are also having another procedure at the same time. You will be able to go home the same day as surgery to continue your recovery.

Initial mild to moderate bruising and swelling are to be expected, though both typically subside during the first week or two. Most patients can resume light daily activities within 7-10 days, and gradually resume strenuous exercise after about a month.

We’ll Start at a Personal, Informative Consultation

During your personal consultation at our office in Fort Worth, Dr. Max will discuss your concerns with you and explain the details of brow lift cosmetic surgery. He takes the time to understand the outcome that you want. There are a number of options to consider, including whether or not another facial procedure should be performed at the same time. Dr. Max will work with you to determine a surgical plan that best suits your needs to create the results that you want.