Female Model with BlepharoplastyMaking the decision to undergo any type of plastic surgery requires a lot of thought—especially when it involves your face, like a blepharoplasty, known more commonly as an eyelift. You know that eliminating your eyelid hooding would be life-changing, but are the results going to last? Or are you going to find yourself back at square one in a few years?

Why a Blepharoplasty May Be Necessary

As we get older, everything begins to sag and droop, and unfortunately, our eyelids are not immune to the effects of Mother Nature. The muscles supporting our eyelids begin to weaken, and the skin starts to stretch, creating droopy lids and under eye bags. For some people, this aging process is slower and less severe. For others, the sagging skin doesn’t just become a cosmetic issue, but one that affects the vision as well. Skin can hang down over the top or side of the eyes and impact the ability to see clearly.

Understanding How a Blepharoplasty Works

With eyelid surgery, excess skin is removed from the patient’s upper eyelids. The amount of skin removed will vary depending on the patient’s unique circumstances, but Dr. Max, a plastic surgeon, always strives to strike a balance that creates a natural, refreshed look.

In certain cases, a blepharoplasty can also include transposing or removing fat that collects in the lower eyelid area. This helps sunken or puffy eyes.

How Long the Results of Eyelid Surgery Last

When you’re deciding whether or not a blepharoplasty is right for you, you must consider what your eyes will look like in a few decades.

A blepharoplasty is a long-lasting surgery, and you should enjoy the results for many years to come. Once that skin is removed, it’s not going to grow back. You are, however, going to continue to age. So, while your eyelids may look outstanding for decades, other areas of your face may begin to sag and impact what your eyes look like. For example, your forehead and brows could begin to droop—at which time, you might consider a brow lift or facelift. Or, the wrinkles around the corners of your eyes or forehead could become deeper; in this situation, fillers can be quite helpful.

What you choose to do in the future will just depend on the look you are trying to achieve and problem areas you may want to fix. The outcome of your eyelid lift, though, may alter slightly as you age and lose more elasticity but should continue to have pleasing results. You can certainly minimize the effects of the aging process, but you’ll never be able to stop it completely.

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