What Is A Mommy Makeover?

There’s nothing like the joy you experience becoming a mom, but pregnancy and childbirth can be hard on your body. Stomach muscles can get stretched out, breasts can start to sag from breastfeeding, and there may be stubborn pockets of pregnancy weight that are hard to get rid of with diet and exercise alone. If you’re ready to restore your figure, consider a mommy makeover.

Our doctors can help you regain the smooth, toned, youthful curves you once had. They offer a unique, personalized approach to plastic surgery that you won’t find anywhere else. Our surgeons believe passionately in honest and open communication and will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that addresses your individual needs and goals for your body.

The Basics of a Mommy Makeover

A mommy makeover is a group of procedures that you and your doctor select together to address the issues that concern you most.  This combination surgery can help eliminate excess skin and fat from your midsection and restore your breasts to a more youthful state.

During your consultation and your preoperative meetings at our office, your doctor will recommend treatment for all the areas that you’d like to address. By combining procedures into one operation you can achieve your goals in a shorter time, which means your life is interrupted less and you see an even greater improvement in the way you look and feel.

The Benefits of Getting a Mommy Makeover

Mommy makeovers are one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures – and for a good reason. There are several benefits to choosing a mommy makeover:

  • Slimmer, smoother figure. Reduce excess skin and remove fat to achieve a slimmer, smoother appearance you love to look at in the mirror.
  • Restored volume and lift. Address sagging skin and a droopy appearance in the breasts and buttocks area for a tighter, more youthful figure.
  • Combined recovery time. Several procedures are combined into one surgery session. This consolidates your recovery period, saving you time and helping you achieve your dream body faster.
  • Customizable procedure. Dr. Pekarev customizes each and every mommy makeover to help moms reach their unique aesthetic goals.
  • Elevated confidence. When you look good, you feel good. A mommy makeover helps you love and embrace your body again after having a baby.

A Mommy Makeover is Great For

  • Patients who live a healthy lifestyle but struggle to slim down with diet and exercise alone.
  • Patients that are near their ideal weight and don’t plan on becoming pregnant again.
  • Patients who want to turn back the clock and restore their pre-baby body.
  • Patients that want to address their sagging breasts, excess skin, and stubborn fat.
  • Patients that want to feel more confident and self-assured in their every life.

Can I Get a Mommy Makeover If I Have Not Had Children?

Absolutely. While a mommy makeover is geared towards moms, this surgery is essentially a combination procedure that can benefit many other individuals. For instance, if someone has lost a significant amount of weight and now has excess skin around the abdomen, sagging breasts, and stretch marks, a mommy makeover can address these issues for a more contoured figure.

Should I Wait Until I’m Done Having Children?

At MP Plastic Surgery, Dr. Pekarev recommends waiting to have your mommy makeover until you are done having children. While it is completely safe to get pregnant after having a mommy makeover, this can undo your surgical work, and you may need a second surgery to restore your initial results.

How Old Do I Have to Be?

While there is no age limit for a mommy makeover, it is recommended that women wait until they are finished childbearing. At MP Plastic Surgery, our mommy makeover patients tend to be in their 30s and 40s, but this procedure can benefit people of many different ages, depending on their unique situation and aesthetic goals.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Mommy Makeover?

We love helping moms get back in “fighting shape” and feel good about their bodies. But are all moms good candidates for a mommy makeover? There are a number of factors that go into determining whether or not a patient can get the procedures they want. Our doctors always discuss all the risks with their patients, but here are a few of the indicators of a good mommy makeover patient.


The mommy makeover isn’t just for young moms. Women of many different age groups are getting mommy makeovers and loving their results. However, as our bodies age, they tend to develop more medical issues that could prevent patients from getting all of the procedures they want in their mommy makeover. Diabetes, heart conditions, and high blood pressure can all be issues that our doctors might discuss with you during your consultation. However, it is possible in some cases to get blood pressure or diabetes under control in order to undergo a mommy makeover.


The whole goal of a mommy makeover is to help moms get their pre-pregnancy bodies back. If there is a possibility that you may not be done having children, you may not be a good candidate for a mommy makeover. The results of the procedures will likely be undone during the next pregnancy. But if you’re finished having kids, then you’re a fantastic candidate for a mommy makeover.

Excess Skin

After pregnancy, many moms are left with sagging skin on their tummies and abdomen. One of the most popular procedures included in a mommy makeover is a tummy tuck. This procedure removes that skin leaving you with a tighter and firmer tummy.

Sagging Breasts

Breastfeeding and pregnancy can cause the breasts to start to droop, sag, and flatten out. If you are suffering from sagging breasts, you are likely a great candidate for a mommy makeover because you can achieve a youthful-looking breast enhancement with this type of procedure.

Before and After – Real Results

Check out our before-and-after mommy makeover gallery to see our work for yourself.

How Can I Personalize My Mommy Makeover?

You can choose from a variety of high-quality and effective procedures. Based on your goals your mommy makeover may include two or more of the following:

Breast Augmentation

Breast Lift

Tummy Tuck

Tummy Tuck

Butt Lift

Body Contouring

Breast Augmentation

After pregnancy and breastfeeding, the breasts often lose volume, become asymmetrical and begin to droop. Breast augmentation addresses these issues by using synthetic breast implants to improve fullness, size, and balance for a more youthful appearance.

Breast Lift

There are several reasons why a woman’s breasts may start to sag or droop – time, gravity, pregnancy, breastfeeding, and weight loss are all common causes. With a breast lift, Dr. Max removes excess skin, repositions the nipples, and delicately shapes the breasts for a renewed, lifted appearance.

Breast Reduction

A breast reduction is a customizable procedure that removes excess breast tissue, fat, and skin to deliver smaller, lighter, and more symmetrical breasts. This helps address severe back, shoulder, and neck pain, correct ill-fitting clothes, and improve a woman’s confidence and appearance.

Tummy Tuck

If a healthy diet and regular exercise are not enough to slim down and achieve a flatter, more toned abdomen, then a tummy tuck may be right for you. During a tummy tuck, Dr. Max tightens and repairs the abdominal muscles, removes sagging skin, and eliminates stretch marks to help patients achieve a slimmer, smoother midsection.


Liposuction is ideal for women who struggle to target and eliminate stubborn pockets of fat on the body. Whether you have troublesome fat on your lower belly, hips, thighs, buttocks, or under the chin, liposuction can specifically target and remove this fat to deliver a more contoured and defined figure.

Buttocks Lift

Also known as a Brazilian Butt Lift, a buttocks lift strategically removes unwanted fat from other areas of the body and transfers it to the buttocks area. This results in added curves, beautiful definition, and a flattering contour you will love to look at in the mirror.

Taking the First Steps

The first step to restoring your pre-baby body with a mommy makeover is scheduling a consultation with Dr. Max. During your mommy makeover consultation, you and Dr. Max will discuss your unique cosmetic goals and procedure expectations, as well as any questions you may have.

Additionally, Dr. Max will perform an examination to better understand what areas of your body are your main concern and how you would like them to look after your mommy makeover procedure.

At MP Plastic Surgery, Dr. Max understands that listening is key to delivering exceptional results. During your consultation, you can trust that he will give you his utmost attention and consideration to create a personalized treatment plan.

The Procedure Process Explained

During your mommy makeover, Dr. Max will combine all of your chosen procedures included in your personalized treatment plan into one surgery session. This may include:

  • Breast augmentation
  • Breast lift
  • Breast reduction
  • Tummy tuck
  • Liposuction
  • Buttocks lift

First, Dr. Max will use general anesthesia to put you to sleep. Then, he will move through all of your selected procedures in the appropriate order, using innovative techniques to deliver beautiful results.

At MP Plastic Surgery, our mommy makeover procedures take place on-site at our comfortable, state-of-the-art practice. A mommy makeover is an outpatient procedure, which means you will go home the same day as surgery.

How Long Will My Results Last?

The results of a mommy makeover are typically long-lasting, depending on your lifestyle following the procedure. Dr. Max recommends eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and staying at a healthy weight, not smoking, and following your doctor’s post operative recovery plan to maintain your mommy makeover results.

Cost of a Mommy Makeover

While we always encourage our patients to do their own research before they visit us, the issue of pricing can sometimes be a confusing one. Our patients often find many different numbers for the total cost when looking online. The best way for you to get a more accurate quote for your mommy makeover is to visit us for a preliminary consultation.

Here are a few of the factors to consider when determining how much your mommy makeover will cost.

  • Anesthesia – Perhaps one of the most significant costs of the mommy makeover procedure is anesthesia. Anesthesia requires the specialized care of an anesthesiologist who is trained to operate the equipment and monitor the patient while they are under. In many cases, the anesthesia cost is charged hourly. This means longer procedures will cost more. Because a mommy makeover usually includes several procedures, it can cost more than a patient who is simply getting one procedure, such as a breast augmentation.
  • Surgeon Fee – One cost that can vary greatly between doctors and geographic areas is the surgeon’s fee.
  • Staff Fee – Naturally, the surgeon isn’t the only one who helps the patient. The staff that handles the scheduling, filing, and organization are also factored into the total cost.
  • Hospital Fee or Surgery Center – Some of our doctors have surgical privileges at several prestigious hospitals in the Fort Worth area, including Texas Health Harris Methodist Fort Worth, Texas Health Harris Methodist HEB, and Texas Health Harris Methodist Southwest. These facilities charge a fee for the use of their equipment and surgical rooms.
  • Post-surgical Garments – Compression garments post-surgery are an additional cost. These garments are critical to getting your desired results because they help hold breast implants and surgical sutures in place while the body heals.
  • Prescription Medications – After the surgery, you will likely require pain medication for the first few days as the body heals. Depending on your insurance, this could be an additional cost.
  • Time Off  Work – Most patients will take several days or a week off of work to rest and heal. If you do not have paid time off at your work, you should factor in any time away from work into the cost.

Another consideration in cost is whether or not any of the procedures will be covered by insurance. For example, some insurers do cover breast reconstruction and breast reduction. Of course, this is specific to each insurer, and you’ll have to check with yours before making any final decisions about getting a mommy makeover.

Why Work With Us for Your Mommy Makeover

Our patients absolutely love our doctors’ calm, kind, and caring personalities. They have worked hard to build a practice that values transparency and honesty. You’ll always know exactly what’s going on and be aware of all the risks and rewards of your procedure.

We can’t wait to help you get started and learn more about you.

What To Expect From Recovery

If you’re a busy mom, a mommy makeover may be the right fit for your personal goals and your family or work commitments. Since your surgeon performs your procedures during one surgical session, you only have one recovery for your mommy makeover. You’ll also likely save money by combining procedures because fewer surgical resources are needed.

Estimating the recovery time for a mommy makeover is difficult. Your recuperation will depend on your chosen surgeries and how well you tolerate your recovery. However, recovering from multiple procedures is typically about the same as recovering from a single procedure in a surgical session.

Most patients return to their usual daily activities within 1 or 2 weeks after a breast procedure. But tummy tuck surgery requires a longer time for recovery and typically requires drains in place to keep fluid from building up. You should refrain from any sort of strenuous physical activity for several weeks after surgery. Many moms need help with caring for small children during this time.

Our doctors and staff can help you plan ahead for other procedures you may consider.

Whichever approach you choose, you can expect subtle but significant improvements that restore the youthfulness and beauty you’ve sacrificed for your family.

If you are ready to change your life and get the body you deserve, call us to schedule an initial consultation for a mommy makeover. You can also read some of our outstanding reviews posted by our patients in the community.

You’re In Good Hands With MP Plastic Surgery

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