Model With White Unbuttoned Blouse Over Black BraIf you have been struggling with deflated and sagging breasts, chances are you’ve already done a little research to find out how you can add a little lift (and life) back to your chest. There are so many amazing benefits of a breast lift. Dr. Max Pekarev can provide dramatic improvements to the shape size, and overall appearance of your breasts—not to mention the dramatic improvement to your self-esteem!

If you live in the area and want to know more about how Dr. Max Pekarev improves the position of the breasts, you’ll need to know the different types of incisions used in the breast lift procedure. He understands that his patients want as little scarring as possible, so this blog will talk more about breast lift surgery and let you know about the different types of incision techniques that could be used.

Incision Techniques for a Breast Lift

The type of breast lift chosen for your specific case will be based on the degree of breast ptosis (or breast sagging) you’re experiencing. Each type of breast lift uses a different type of incision, and Dr. Max Pekarev will work with you to decide on the best option for your overall goals and desires.

Lollipop Incision

This incision technique is used with a vertical breast lift, and it incorporates both a vertical and circumareolar incisions. Women who have very large breasts and excessive sagging caused by extra skin will benefit most from this incision technique. In order to perform a vertical breast lift, Dr. Max Pekarev will remove extra skin from either side of the vertical incision and reposition the nipples to a more natural position using the circumareolar incision.

Crescent Incision

A crescent incision is the least invasive incision type and is used for women who primarily need the position of their nipples corrected. Dr. Max Pekarev will create a small incision in the shape of a crescent around the top of the nipple to relocate the nipples accordingly.

Inverted “T” Incision

When Dr. Max Pekarev chooses to perform a traditional breast lift, he may utilize the inverted “T” incision. This combination incision uses the lollipop incision and also includes a crescent shaped incision along the width of the breast crease. Patients who have very large breasts and want to have a breast reduction and lifted will experience the greatest results from this incision technique. However, it is important to point out that this breast lift incision technique involves more scarring and an extended recovery period.

Donut Incision

This breast lift incision technique is best for women who have minimal breast ptosis. It involves a small incision around the areola where Dr. Max Pekarev will remove a small amount of excess skin and reposition the nipple to a more natural position on the breast.

Trust Dr. Max Pekarev of MP Plastic Surgery With Your Breast Lift

If you’re ready to get the perkier breasts of your youth, call Dr. Max Pekarev today. You can schedule an initial breast lift consultation to discuss the best options for your specific body type and desired outcome.

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