Model in Low-cut Tank Pulling on PonytailDr. Max Pekarev sees hundreds of women every year who are interested in having a breast augmentation. Whether they’re unhappy with their breasts because pregnancy and breastfeeding have left them deflated, they’ve had a mastectomy, or they simply want a larger size and more fullness, Dr. Max Pekarev can help by customizing a breast augmentation treatment plan to suit each individual’s aesthetic goals.

Dr. Max Pekarev understands that each woman is unique and has her own idea of the perfect breast size and shape for her body. That’s why he is careful to tailor every breast augmentation treatment plan to meet their exact goals and desires. He believes you should have the body of your dreams, and he is passionate about helping you achieve that dream.

Women who are interested in breast augmentation will have several decisions to make, including the size, shape, type, and profile. But you’ll also need to choose an incision type as well. In this blog, we will talk more about the three types of incisions that are most often used for breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation Incision Types

Before you come in for your breast augmentation procedure, Dr. Max Pekarev will talk to you about three of the most common types of incisions used in this surgery:

  1. Inframammary Incision
    This type of breast augmentation incision is one of the most common choices for women because it is completely hidden by the breast fold, where the breast meets the rib cage. Women don’t have to worry about anyone seeing it, even in the most intimate moments.
  2. Periareolar Incision
    Another common type of breast augmentation incision is the periareolar incision. This incision is created along the bottom of the areola and is hidden well by the change in color and texture of the skin. Many women choose this incision if they suffer from asymmetry of the breasts. It’s important to note that this incision will cut through milk ducts, so if you plan to breastfeed in the future, tell Dr. Max Pekarev, so he will avoid this incision type.
  3. Transaxillary Incision
    Women who choose this type of breast augmentation incision do so to avoid visible incisions on the breasts. This incision type is made underneath the armpit, and a channel is created under the skin to move the breast implant to the breast pocket. Saline breast implants are used with this type of breast augmentation incision type because they can be placed empty and filled to their precise size later.

Based on your specific needs and aesthetic and personal goals, you and Dr. Max Pekarev will choose the best breast augmentation incision type for your procedure.

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