Model in Sports Bra Holding Ponytail in HandIf you’ve decided to finally have breast augmentation, congratulations! It’s a big step to take time to do something for yourself, and we know you’ll be happy with your final results. Many of the patients Dr. Max Pekarev sees for breast augmentation have many different questions about what their recovery will be like. In this blog, we will specifically address the topic of supportive clothing you’ll need to wear while you recover from your breast augmentation.

Supportive Clothing Immediately Following Your Breast Augmentation

After your breast augmentation with Dr. Max Pekarev, your breasts will be wrapped with supportive surgical dressings. These dressings will protect your breasts and the incisions. You should not remove the surgical dressings on your own. When you visit Dr. Max Pekarev for your follow-up the next day, he will remove them and provide you with new supportive clothing to wear during your recovery.

Supportive Clothing During Your Recovery

When Dr. Max Pekarev removes your surgical dressings during your follow up visit at his office, he will examine your breasts and the incisions made during your breast augmentation. He will then provide you with a surgical bra that has been specially designed to aid in recovery by reducing swelling and bruising after breast augmentation.

Remember that it will take several months for your breasts to fully heal after breast augmentation, and wearing your supportive surgical bra for the recommended time is essential to reducing your recovery period and preventing complications.

The Importance of Supportive Clothing During Breast Augmentation Recovery

You may be wondering why it is so important to wear supportive clothing after breast augmentation. Because surgical dressings and surgical bras are designed to provide optimal support for breast surgery patients, both of these types of supportive clothing will help you recover by:

  • Protecting you against complications like capsular contracture
  • Maintaining the proper position of your breast implants
  • Encouraging your breast skin to take the shape of your new breasts

When Dr. Max Pekarev gives you the okay, you’ll be able to wear a regular sports bra for several weeks. Even though you’ll be tempted to wear a brand-new beautiful bra, you’ll need to wait to wear a bra with underwire for a few months after your breast augmentation.

When considering bras for your recovery process, be sure to choose one that opens in the front and provides needed support. If you need examples on which types of bras are appropriate for the different stages of your breast augmentation recovery, just ask Dr. Max Pekarev for recommendations, and he can point you in the right direction.

Call Dr. Max Pekarev With Any Additional Questions

Dr. Max Pekarev is a board-certified plastic surgeon and specializes in breast augmentation. His goal is to provide his patients with natural-looking results that give them the silhouette they want.

If you want to know more about breast augmentation with Dr. Max Pekarev, don’t hesitate to call his office today. He truly cares about patient education, and no question is too small.

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