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Blepharoplasty is a big decision. That’s why we want eyelid surgery patients to know how MP Plastic Surgery supports them at every stage of the process.

Why Choose Us for Eyelid Surgery?

Patients recommend their friends and family members to us in part because of the close-knit family atmosphere we offer. Dr. Max Pekarev leads the practice; his wife serves as our nurse practitioner; and our support and medical staff have over 15 years of experience.

The positive environment and responsive care we offer help our patients have confidence in their decision to have any procedure, whether it’s blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty, or breast augmentation.

Your Initial Consultation for Eyelid Surgery

When you have visited other physicians in the past, you may have experienced the “hand on the door” phenomenon. Many doctors are interested in moving as quickly as possible from one patient consult to the next or in only speaking with patients after they have already made the decision to have a procedure.

Dr. Max believes in a thorough consultation. This is especially important when the decision for elective surgery deals with something as essential as the health and appearance of your eyes.

During your consultation for eyelid surgery, you will find that Dr. Max is professional but not “clinical.” He is interested in finding out what your goals are, what your needs are, and what he can do through cosmetic surgery to achieve them.

Also unlike the typical consult, you can expect to have between one and two hours with our staff and Dr. Max. This gives you the opportunity to ask questions about our process and how eyelid surgery may improve the way you look and feel. Our goal is a highly informative, low-pressure opportunity for you to make your decision.

After Eyelid Surgery

Following eyelid surgery, you will need to rest at home for one or two days and limit your activities slightly. Swelling and bruising may keep you at home for up to one week.

During this time, it’s common to feel the effects of eyelid surgery, such as dryness, fatigue, and irritation. It’s likely that you will want to know that the effects you are feeling are normal and that you will want to ensure you are progressing well in your recovery.

Dr. Max and his entire staff make themselves available to patients. By telephone, email, or in-person contact, we offer the answers patients need when they need them, and we respond quickly to their concerns. MP Plastic Surgery knows that a supportive recovery is an essential part of a successful surgery.

Call (817) 529-9199 to schedule an initial consultation for your eyelid surgery and to meet our team.