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Breast asymmetry is one of the more common reasons that women seek out Dr. Max for a breast revision. Whether their breast asymmetry is natural and predated their original breast augmentation, or is a result of their first plastic surgery, Dr. Max is very skilled at fixing this issue.

The specific surgical techniques that Dr. Max will use to fix breast asymmetry during a breast revision surgery will depend on the root cause for the asymmetry. Here’s more information on the various factors that can cause breasts to become noticeably asymmetrical after a breast augmentation, and how Dr. Max can correct the issue.

Correcting Asymmetry in Breasts that Were Naturally Different Sizes, to Begin with

Believe it or not, all women have some degree of breast asymmetry. It’s actually quite rare for women to develop breasts that are perfectly symmetrical.

For most women, the difference in breast shape and size is barely noticeable. But for others, breasts can be different cup sizes, or sit differently on the chest wall – making a woman’s breast asymmetry noticeable through tight clothing or a bathing suit top.

When this degree of asymmetry is noticeable, the protocol for selecting breast implants for breast augmentation is to select a shape, size, and profile for each individual breast that will yield the patient’s desired end results. But some plastic surgeons don’t properly account for noticeable breast asymmetry.

Others may have performed the surgery through a transumbilical (through the belly button) or transaxillary (under the armpit) incision, when natural breast asymmetry calls for an incision to be made on the breast for the evenest end results.

If you’re experiencing breast asymmetry after breast augmentation, but your breasts were naturally mismatched, to begin with, Dr. Max will work with you to select the best implant for each individual breast, and perform breast revision surgery either through a periareolar (around the nipple) incision or an inframammary (under the breast fold) incision to help even out your silhouette.

Addressing Asymmetry When Your Two Breasts Have Healed Differently

Some women find that after breast augmentation, their two breasts heal differently. This can result in one breast that sits higher or lower on the chest wall, creating a noticeable difference in the appearance of your bust.

If this occurs, Dr. Max’s surgical strategy will depend on your unique presentation and preferences. If you like the appearance of a higher sitting breast because it looks perkier and more youthful, for example, he may work on the opposite breast to bring its breast pocket up so that it heals to match the breast you prefer.

Fixing Asymmetry When There’s Asymmetry in the Breast Pocket

The breast pocket is the area that plastic surgeons create during a breast augmentation to hold the silicone or saline breast implant. Sometimes, these pockets are inadvertently created unevenly in size or position.

If this is the cause of your breast asymmetry, Dr. Max will work during your breast revision surgery to either even out your breast pockets or if one breast is preferred over another, match the look you prefer.

Swapping Out Implants that Have Created Asymmetry Due to Implant Leakage or Deflation

It’s rare, but some women will find that their silicone breast implant has leaked (which can be detected through an MRI), or their saline implant has deflated (which will be obvious to the naked eye). If your breasts are uneven due to implant failure, Dr. Max can swap up the leaking or deflated implant for a new one.y.

Consulting with Dr. Max to Create Your Own Unique Surgical Plan

As you can see, there are many reasons why a woman may have uneven breasts after a breast augmentation, and a variety of techniques to address the issue. The strategies Dr. Max will deploy for your surgery will depend on your unique case.

To get started on planning a breast revision surgery, schedule a consultation with Dr. Max at MP Plastic Surgery. From this initial appointment, Dr. Max will examine your breasts, review your medical records, and perhaps order an MRI if he suspects silicone breast implant rupture.

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