Female Model with Breast Implants The longevity of breast implants is something that causes many of our patients some confusion. Questions about replacing implants are some of the most common that we get. So we wanted to clear the air a little bit and tell you about 5 common signs that could indicate that you need to replace your breast implants. The procedure for this is called a “breast revision.” Women who are experiencing any of the issues below can absolutely fix the problem with this procedure. Dr. Max of MP Plastic Surgery in Forth Worth will make sure that you get some of the finest and most efficient surgical care in the state.

5 Signs Your Breast Implants Need to be Replaced

Women often ask us if they will have to get their implants replaced in 10 years. This is a common misconception. The companies that manufacture breast implants usually have a 10-year warranty on the implants. This is one theory about where this misconception came from. But the fact is that if the implant procedure is done right, the implants can and do last much longer than that.

But there are definitely cases where the implants do need to be replaced. Here are 5 signs that you might need a breast revision.

5 Signs Your Implants Need To Be Replaced

1. Unhappy With Breast Size

This is by far the most common reason for a breast revision. Women that get breast augmentation will often realize that they went too small and want to go larger.

2. Capsular Contracture

After breast augmentation, your body will form a protective scar “capsule” around the implant. Usually, the capsule is soft and gives the implant its natural, soft feel. However, in some cases, the scar capsule can harden, thicken, and start to contract on the implant. This will usually lift the implant up onto the chest wall, it can cause discomfort, and cause the implants to look unnatural. Breast revision will allow Dr. Max to remove the implant, reshape the breast pocket, and replace the implant.

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3. Changing  Shape or Implant Rupture

Silicone implants are incredibly durable so they will rarely change shape. Saline implants, on the other hand, are made from a silicone shell and filled with a saline solution. If the saline implants rupture, they will start to deflate and change shape. Obviously, the only way to get them back to their original shape is with breast revision.

4. Moving Implants

Another problem that some patients experience is the implants moving. This is called “migrating.” The implants will not move far but it is often enough to be noticeably uneven.

5. Rotating Implants

While most implants are circular, there are some implants that are anatomically shaped–they typically look like a teardrop. These implants can sometimes rotate which will also make them look uneven.

Undergo a Breast Revision with Dr. Max in Forth Worth

Of course, no one wants to have to undergo a breast revision. Women can help prevent this by working with a skilled and experienced plastic surgeon like Dr. Max. If you want to get a sneak peek at some of Dr. Max’s work, head over to our before and after gallery to see some of the beautiful results our patients enjoy.

Our patients love how relaxed, gentle, and compassionate Dr. Max is. You will know exactly what is going on and we will always give you all the information you need to make a confident and informed decision.

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