Middle Age Female ModelMany women know a Mommy Makeover consists of multiple procedures. However, what they are sometimes unclear of is whether the procedures can be completed at the same time or if it’s safer to space them out. The type of the procedures being performed, the anticipated recovery time and the overall health of the patient should all be considered when performing a Mommy Makeover.

Undergoing multiple procedures for a Mommy Makeover at the same time is safe, primarily when performed by a skilled and reputable plastic surgeon like Dr. Max. His patient’s safety is always his number one priority, so he evaluates everyone thoroughly before making a recommendation. Here are some points to consider regarding a multi-procedure Mommy Makeover.

Benefits of A Multi-Procedure Surgery

Not only can a multi-procedure surgery be safe, but it can also be beneficial for patients. Some of these benefits include:

  • Not having to take as much time off from work since the procedures aren’t spaced out
  • Being able to handle the consultation in one sitting
  • Speeding up the recovery process
  • Being more cost-effective
  • Not having to undergo anesthesia multiple times

Of course, the type of procedures patients choose for their Mommy Makeover play a big role in whether it’s best to do the procedures at once. If the procedures are performed on the same area of the body, then it’s likely safer and more beneficial to do them at once. But if the procedures involve a butt lift and a breast augmentation, then it may be more beneficial to space them out.

A Patient’s Overall Health Is a Major Factor

Dr. Max will always do a thorough evaluation of every patient’s health before performing a Mommy Makeover. It’s crucial for every patient to be honest and upfront with Dr. Max about any medical concerns so he can perform the safest procedures possible. If there are any doubts at all, then he will suggest spacing the procedures out or coming back at a later time. Doing multiple procedures at once has plenty of benefits, but every patient reacts differently.

Working With A Reputable Surgeon Creates The Safest Experience

Patients have to work with a reputable surgeon they trust 100%. Unless a patient has undergone multiple procedures at one time before, they don’t know how their body will be able to handle it. That’s where the knowledge and experience of Dr. Max comes in handy. Since he has performed hundreds of Mommy Makeovers before, he’s seen how different patients react and can confidently anticipate how safe a particular procedure will be. Patients always feel comfortable and confident after talking with Dr. Max, and he brings peace of mind when it comes to getting a Mommy Makeover.

MP Plastic Surgery prioritizes the safety of every patient. Not only do we want patients to be safe, but we also want them to be confident in our practice and Dr. Max in order to have the best overall experience.

A Mommy Makeover can be a life-changing combination of procedures, so contact us at (817) 731-2789 to set up an initial consultation to achieve the body you desire.