Breast Augmentation Fort WorthWomen have more options than ever before when it comes to the size, type, and features of their breast implants. The technology of breast augmentation has come a very long way and patients are getting outstanding results. But all the different options can cause some confusion for many of our patients. One of the finer points that our patients will have to sort through is whether or not they want textured or smooth implants. For patients that aren’t familiar with these options, we’ll look at what they are and several key differences between these two types of breast implants. Women that want to learn more or who are starting to think about breast augmentation should give Dr. Max a call today at (817) 529-9199. You can also browse through some of our Before-and-After pictures to see Dr. Max world-class skill for yourself. We also have a full page of customer reviews so you can learn more about the kind of experience you’ll get here.

What Is a Textured Breast Implant?

For the most part, women are familiar with smooth breast implants. These types of implants have a shiny, smooth outer layer that goes around the entire implant.

But there is another type of implant: textured. As the name suggests, these implants have a very fine texture on the outside that goes all the way around. This gives textured implants several different advantages and disadvantages.

Smooth Vs Textured Breast Implants

Women all have different goals for their breast augmentation. Modern technology has made it so that you can get exactly what you want using a variety of different types of implants. One of the features that you’ll discuss with Dr. Max is a textured or smooth implant. Here are some of the key differences.

  • Less movement – Textured implants are less likely to move around inside the breast pocket. Their textured outer layer “grips” onto the tissues allowing them to stay put.
  • Firmer – Textured breast implants tend to have a thicker outer shell. This can lead many patients to believe that they feel firmer and less natural than smooth breast implants. Patients may not be able to tell the difference, though, when the implants are placed under the muscle.
  • Capsular contracture – The main purpose for textured implants is to reduce the instances of capsular contracture. This issue happens when the scar “capsule” that surrounds the implant begins to contract and squeeze the implant. However, there are conflicting medical studies showing that this is actually

Your First Steps to Working with Dr. Max for Breast Implants

Women who have questions about breast implants, are just curious about the process for breast implants, or are ready to move forward can call Dr. Max today at (817) 529-9199. When you call, you can expect to be greeted by one of our incredible staff members. We’re more than happy to talk with you about your concerns or answer your questions as best as we can.

To move forward from there, we’ll schedule a preliminary consultation with Dr. Max here at our offices. This first meeting is when you’ll get to know Dr. Max better and start discussing your goals for the procedure. This includes the size you want, the shape you’re going for, and even the type of breast implant you would like. Dr. Max can let you try on one of our breast implant sizing bras that will give you a better idea of how different sized implants will look and feel on your body.

If you’d like to learn more or if you’re ready to get started, get in touch with us today!