Middle Age Female Model with Breast Augmentation A woman’s breasts will naturally enlarge throughout pregnancy and will increase in volume to prepare for breastfeeding. A common question many women have is whether breastfeeding will impact their implants if they’ve previously had a breast augmentation done. The truth is the actual implant itself will not be affected when it comes to the size and shape. However, the rest of the breast could be changed slightly, which can alter the appearance in different ways.

Pregnancy can affect a woman’s body in different ways, and there’s no explicit answer as to how any given body will change after a breast augmentation. Some women may not notice any changes when breastfeeding after getting a breast augmentation, while others may need some significant alterations done afterward. The best thing to do is visit Dr. Max periodically to ensure the size and shape of the breast implants remain as consistent as possible.

Small Changes Are Possible and Can Vary

Even someone with as much experience as Dr. Max won’t be able to tell patients how their bodies will react to breastfeeding definitively. The thing to keep in mind is minor changes are entirely possible, but they aren’t worth stressing over. Some changes won’t need any adjustments since they don’t impact the overall size or shape of the woman’s breasts significantly. Others may experience significant enough changes that a breast lift is needed to restore them back to their previous appearance. Not all will be lost when it comes to the results of the previous breast augmentation, but minor adjustments are possible on a case-by-case basis.

Overall Structure of Breast Implants Will Remain

A woman’s breast implants will not be altered, and the implants will also not alter the way breastfeeding has to occur. A common misconception is pregnancy and breastfeeding will make the implants look different. But the reality is it’s the changes in the natural breast skin that make it appear as if the implants were altered. When Dr. Max goes to work to restore the size and shape of the breasts, he will not have to insert new breast implants. Rather, he will simply tighten up the skin in order to make the breasts look like they did right after the breast augmentation.

Discuss Your Concerns with a Plastic Surgeon

If women have any concerns about how breastfeeding could alter their implants, it’s best to discuss with Dr. Max. Breastfeeding is special for a baby, and a mother shouldn’t have to worry about whether their implants are getting in the way, or if there will be any complications with the implants themselves. Dr. Max is here for his patients throughout the entire process and will help them decide when the safest time is to restore the results of their breast augmentation.

MP Plastic Surgery wants all mothers to enjoy their time with their babies without having to worry about their breast implants. In most cases, any changes to the breasts while breastfeeding can be corrected by Dr. Max. Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about your breast augmentation or how different life-changes can affect your appearance.

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