Middle Age Female Model with Breast Augmentation If a woman researches the impact breast augmentation has on milk production, they will likely get different advice and opinions. The short answer is it’s entirely possible to breastfeed if a woman previously had breast augmentation. But the answer as to whether the milk production is impacted negatively is up in the air. A lot of this depends on the patient’s health prior to the breast augmentation, whether the milk ducts were damaged during the process and how extensive the surgery was. As with anything, the more experienced the plastic surgeon is, the better and safer the procedure will be.

Relationship Between Breastfeeding and Breast Augmentation

Many plastic surgeons will tell their patients to wait until they are done having kids before getting a breast augmentation. There is very little scientific evidence suggesting breast implants themselves have a negative impact on breastfeeding. However, since the research is not conclusive, plastic surgeons recommend waiting if possible. There are many other factors that could impact milk production other than breast augmentation.

More Factors Affect Breastfeeding than Just Implants

One of the main factors that could impact milk production is the location of the incision during the breast augmentation. An incision made on the perimeter of the areola could affect the nerves that trigger the hormonal reflex required for producing the milk. The incision could also have an impact on the milk ducts and blood supply.

It is also said that where the implant is positioned could affect milk production. The best placement for implants is under the muscle layer, so they won’t put as much pressure on the milk ducts, which in turn could slow milk flow and production. In both of these situations, an experienced plastic surgeon will know the best techniques for performing the breast augmentation if they are aware the patient may have kids afterward.

Consider Current and Future Plans

Patients have to be honest, and upfront with Dr. Max for him to do the best job and have the best long-term results for a breast augmentation. If patients plan on having kids in the next several months or years, then he may alter his strategy to reduce the chances of making a negative impact on milk production or other complications.

The bottom line is there are more factors contributing to a lack of milk production than breast augmentation surgery alone. Studies are inconclusive when it comes to the direct impact breast augmentation surgery has, so that’s one of the main reasons why plastic surgeons suggest waiting until a woman is finished having kids just to be on the safe side.

At MP Plastic Surgery, we want to ensure both short-term and long-term considerations are made with every decision our patients in make. Dr. Max is great at anticipating life events and asking questions to ensure the right procedure is being completed at the right time.

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