Welcome To Our Family

We’re a little different here at MP Plastic Surgery. Ours is a comfortable, relaxing, family-like environment, professional but not “clinical.” Our goal is to help you achieve yours, so listening is what we specialize in.

We’d love for you to learn a little more about board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Maxim Pekarev and our Fort Worth practice. Our staff got together and decided it was a good idea to highlight some of the most important things about the way we work. We’ve outlined them below. If you’re just looking for basic info, here are a few links to the essentials:

We’ll Give You the Time You Deserve

Enhancing your appearance with cosmetic surgery is a big step, and we understand that you need time to make sure you are ready to move forward. We want you to feel 100% confident in your decision to have a procedure, so we make it a point to set aside plenty of time for your consult. We won’t end the consult until you’re ready, and we’ll cover the following:

  • You and Dr. Max will discuss your personal goals
  • You will have the info you need about the procedures you’re considering
  • You will have met our Fort Worth team
  • We will have answered your questions

Honesty is Our Only Policy

With something so personal as your appearance and so important as your well-being, we strive to provide honest recommendations and straightforward answers to your questions. Dr. Max will listen carefully to your reasons for wanting cosmetic surgery and your goals for how you want to look. Then, based on his knowledge as a board-certified plastic surgeon, he will talk to you about your options. If he doesn’t think cosmetic surgery will help you achieve your goals safely and effectively, he will be honest with you.

Throughout the plastic surgery process, Dr. Max and our staff will keep you informed, help you understand what to expect and follow up with you to make sure you have everything you need from us. From your initial consult to your final follow-up visit, we will be here for you.