We’ll Help You Get Even

It’s common to have breasts that are a little different in shape or size. But if you’re finding that breast asymmetry is interfering with your ability to find bras that fit, wear the clothing you want, or feel confident in your appearance, breast surgery may be the solution.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Maxim Pekarev specializes in breast enhancement surgery, tailoring his approach to achieve your desired breast shape and size and create a silhouette that flatters your natural proportions. He will listen carefully to your goals, suggesting the best procedure to achieve them. This may include breast augmentation with implants, breast lift, or breast reduction.

How Can Breast Implants Improve Symmetry?

One of the most common reasons women have breast augmentation is to correct asymmetry. These days, breast implants come in a seemingly endless variety of size, shape and profile. By using two different sized implants, Dr. Pekarev can bring the two breasts into very close symmetry.

Part of this is the implant itself, but Dr. Pekarev’s skill in placing the implant plays a key role too. He takes into account your natural chest width as well as any variance in nipple position to achieve the most balanced, aesthetically pleasing result.

What Situations Call for a Breast Lift Too?

If your breasts have good skin tone, a fairly consistent shape, and are not sagging, implants alone are probably enough. However, for many women, sagging breasts are part of what bothers them. Plus, it’s common for the two breasts to show different degrees of sagging. In such cases, a breast lift can both eliminate sagging and create a more even, symmetrical breast contour.

Can a Breast Reduction Help Me Get More Even Breasts?

The answer is yes! The majority of breast reduction Fort Worth patients also have some noticeable breast asymmetry, and this procedure is tailor-made to help. Without any additional incisions, Dr. Pekarev can adjust the amount of breast tissue he removes during a reduction to improve symmetry. Since he lifts and reshapes the breasts during any reduction surgery, you can expect to have smaller, firmer and more even breasts after reduction.

About Your Personal Consultation

During your consultation at our office in Fort Worth, Dr. Pekarev will listen carefully to your concerns and your goals. He will guide you through the many options to consider, including which procedure option will meet your goals. If you’re considering breast implants, you’ll get to explore your option for breast implant type (saline or silicone gel breast implants), size and profile, trying on implants to see the possibilities. Dr. Pekarev offers you caring, competent services because He wants you to feel your best. He takes great pride in his beautiful patients and their abundant self-confidence.