Your Time to Communicate Your Personal Goals & Learn What’s Possible

We think of consultations a little differently. Our consults are all about you! We want to give you the chance to tell us all about yourself, get to know us, have all your questions answered, and more! Here’s a rundown of the experience.

Our goal: A Highly Informational, Low-Pressure Consultation For You.

The purpose of your consultation? To help you learn about your choices, ask questions about the plastic surgery process and the procedures you’re considering, and meet our team in Fort Worth. We won’t tell you what you should do—only you know that.

We’ll review your medical history, listen to your reasons for visiting us and discuss the changes you’d like to make. We value our patients’ privacy above all else and maintain a quiet, comfortable atmosphere. Click to download our initial forms.

Can I Bring Someone With Me to My Consult?

Absolutely! We encourage you to bring anyone you need to help you through the process, whether that’s your spouse or your best girlfriend. And of course, you can bring your little ones—we know how hectic life can get. On the other hand, if you prefer to come alone, know that our nurse will stay with you during your visit. Read about our qualified support staff.

How Long Should I Plan to Spend at Your Office?

Most consultations at our office in Fort Worth last about an hour, but the exact time varies. Our first concern is making sure your questions are answered and that you get the information you need to take the next step, even if that next step is to do nothing right now! Learn more about our approach.

Do You Offer Same Day Services?

We do offer same-day appointments for most of our non-surgical treatments, including BOTOX® & dermal filler injections.