Every year, the doctors at MP Plastic Surgery see hundreds of men and women who are tired of dealing with the visible signs of aging they see on their faces. It’s the unfortunate truth that many people in Texas have lived long lives in the hot, scorching sun without sun protection. Not to mention the general effects of aging we all have to deal with. It can be frustrating—especially if you look older than you actually are.

Don’t worry! There’s an amazing way to combat sunken cheeks, sagging jowls, and deep lines around the mouth and nose. A facelift can truly turn back the hands of time and help you appear as young as you feel on the inside. But what does a facelift actually do? What parts of the face does it correct? We will discuss the overall facelift procedure and let you know what combination procedures you can include for an overall rejuvenated appearance.

Facelift Explained

A facelift isn’t about changing who you are. It’s about giving you back a youthful appearance and making the way you look reflect the way you feel. Our doctors can help you achieve this type of result with a caring approach and skillful precision.

Facelift surgery offers a way to improve the skin elasticity of the face and neck and to combat the effects of:

  • Everyday stress.
  • Age and gravity.
  • Exposure to sunlight.
  • Hereditary predisposition.

The doctors at MP Plastic Surgery prioritize natural-looking, lasting results; patient comfort and safety; and subtle, artistic change.

What Are the Key Benefits of Getting a Facelift?

Each facelift requires a customized approach because each person’s face—and goals—are different. Before your surgery date, your doctor will talk with you about what you want to achieve and determine the unique details of your procedure. They will also answer any questions about the surgery so that you can confidently enter the decision.

During your facelift, your doctor will make small incisions that are concealed in natural creases in front of or behind the ear. Your doctor will then:

  • Tightens the underlying muscles and facial tissues.
  • Removes excess skin.
  • Depending on your needs, smooths and tightens the neck tissues.
  • Gently repositions the remaining skin.

To achieve natural-looking results, the doctor carefully manipulates different layers of the face to create a smooth, firm contour without over-tightening. Their experience, knowledge, and artistic eye help accomplish this goal.

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Am I a Candidate to Get a Facelift?

There is no single “right” age to consider a facelift. Whether you are 40 or 70, it’s more important to evaluate your personal concerns and goals for your appearance.

During your initial consultation, your surgeon will talk with you about what you want to achieve and help you decide if facelift surgery is right for you. You might benefit from the procedure if you have any of these signs of aging:

  • Jowling (“turkey neck”).
  • Sagging cheeks.
  • Loose, wrinkled skin on the neck.

However, if you are mainly concerned with puffy eyelids, a sagging brow, or facial wrinkles, a facelift procedure will not address these concerns. Instead, your doctor may recommend other treatment options, such as eyelid surgery or facial fillers.

Facelift Procedure Explained

There are certain parts of the face that a facelift can correct and parts it cannot. When you choose MP Plastic Surgery, you can expect to improve the following:

  • Lost volume in certain areas of your face or neck
  • Deep laugh lines that run from the nose to the mouth
  • Sagging, excess skin on the lower two-thirds of the face
  • Sagging jowls caused by the loss of skin elasticity along the jawline

Our doctors believe in fully educating all of their patients. When you visit with them for your facelift consultation, they will take time to sit with you, evaluate your face, talk to you about your areas of concern, discuss your treatment options, and answer any questions you have. Their goal is to provide you with a safe and comfortable environment and the opportunity to make the best decision for you and your cosmetic goals. They will never pressure you to have a procedure. That decision will be yours and yours alone.

Procedures to Combine with Your Facelift

Remember, a facelift is only designed to correct signs of aging on the lower two-thirds of the face. However, most men and women have signs of aging in other areas of their face, which is why our doctors recommend combining procedures for an overall more rejuvenated appearance. These additional procedures could include any or all of the following:

  • Upper or Lower Eyelid Surgery – If you suffer from drooping eyelids or deep under-eye circles, this procedure can reduce the appearance of both and restore your youthful eyes.
  • Xeomin® – If you have wrinkles on the upper face, your doctor can soften these lines with Xeomin injections.
  • Facial Fillers – If your face shows lines, wrinkles, and creases, facial fillers can help soften your appearance. It can also help add volume to your lips.

“We initially received care in an emergency situation. Dr. Max was very professional and very kind. He took time to explain things in a way that we understood. For our office visits that followed our hospital stay the whole staff was very helpful and always took time to answer any questions. We are very thankful to Dr. Max and his whole staff!!” – K. Feagan

What Is Recovery From a Facelift Like?

You will be able to go home on the same day as the surgery. Most patients feel comfortable going out in public after about one week, and they are able to return to normal daily activities, including work, within 10 to 14 days. The team at MP Plastic Surgery will support you with questions or concerns that come up during this time.

MP Plastic Surgery typically advises patients to avoid strenuous activities for several weeks. This is to ensure a healthy and effective recovery. Our team can also recommend different camouflage strategies for makeup to wear while your initial bruising and swelling subsides.

By the conclusion of the recovery, you should see that the changes are subtle, but the impact is significant. You can expect to look like yourself with a renewed, refreshed, and younger appearance.

A Facelift Is Just Want You Need

Learn more about the ideal age to get a facelift with our surgeons, and how they work to achieve the most natural-looking results.